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We are now making our Digital Research Library available for on-line access. While you can find Civil War research materials scattered around the internet, never before have you had access to such a fine collection of original research materials and regimental histories as you will find in our library.

  • Over 900 volumes of our Historical Sketch and Roster Regimental History Series
  • Over 700 regimental histories, diaries & journals written after the war by men with first hand experience in the events
  • Thousands of diaries, journals, and letters by participants in the war
  • Sets of books including sets not available elsewhere on line
  • The Official Records of the American Civil war
    The Official Naval Records of the American Civil war
    The Southern Historical Society Papers
    The Confederate Veteran Magazine
    Confederate Military History
    Heitman's Historical Dictionary of U.S. Army Officers
    Soldiers of Florida
    Roster of the Confederate Soldiers of Georgia (Henderson)
    Records of Louisiana Confederate Soldiers (Booth)
    South Carolina Troops in Confederate Service (Salley)
    Compendium of the War of the Rebellion (Dyer)
  • Records for Genealogical Research
  • The Appomattox Roster
    Vicksburg Parolees
    Andersonville Deaths
    Hollywood Cemetery Interments
    Biographical Sketches
    Compiled Service Records

    As a special bonus, subscribers will also receive a 15% discount off the price of all our books and CD-ROMS.

    Membership has its privileges!

    The Digital Research Library Subscription:

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