County Cross Reference



Co. E, 7th VA Cav., Mountain Rangers
Co. E, 12th VA Cav., Capt. James Marshall's Co.
Co. I, 12th VA Cav., Capt. Granville Eastham's Co.
Co. D, 18th VA Cav., Capt. Wesley Makely's Co.
Co. B, 17th VA Inf., Warren Rifles
Co. D, 49th VA Inf., Warren Blues
Co. A, 8th Battn. VA Res., Warren Reserves

The 1909 Confederate Pension List for Warren County, Virginia


Co. H2, 32nd VA Inf., Warwick Beauregards
Co. K2, 32nd VA Inf., Lee Guards 1/3
The 1909 Confederate Pension List for Warrick County, Virginia


Barr's Battery, Formerly Levi's Battery, North Carolina Artillery.
Co. D(2), 1st VA Cav., Washington Mounted Rifles
Co. C, 21st VA Cav.
Co. F, 21st VA Cav.
Co. C, 22nd VA Cav.
Co. G, 34th VA Cav. Battn., Capt. Leonidas A. Webb's Co. (Washington Co., VA)
Co. I, 26th Battalion Infantry (part)
Co. A, 37th VA Inf., Goodson Rifles
Co. B, 37th VA Inf., Virginia Mountain Boys
Co. F, 37th VA Inf., Glade Springs Rifles
Co. H, 37th VA Inf., King's Mountain Rifles
Co. K, 37th VA Inf., Washington Indpendents
Co. B, 48th VA Inf., Campbell Guards
Co. F, 48th VA Inf., Holston Foresters
Co. I, 48th VA Inf., Mountain Marksmen
Co. G1, 50th VA Inf., Floyd Blues, Became Co. I1, 63rd Infantry.
Co. A, 63rd VA Inf., Capt. William L. Hunter's Co.
Co. B, 63rd VA Inf., Capt. Connally H. Lynch's Co.
Co. E, 63rd VA Inf., Capt. David O. Rush's Co.
Co. F, 63rd VA Inf., Capt. John E. Snodgrass' Co.

Co. I2, 4th VSL, Capt. Frank Findlay's Co.
Co. A, Capt. David G. Thomas' Co., Tuttle's Battalion Detiled Nitre Men, VA LDT.
Washington County Home Guard, One company VA Inf., reported 1863.
Co. C, 6th Battn. VA Res.
Co. E, 6th Battalion Res., Captain Henry Roberts' Co.
Co. I, 6th Battalion Res., Captain Thomas E. Patterson's Co.
Co. F, 6th Battn. VA Res.
70th Regiment Militia
105th Regiment Militia
164th Regiment Militia
Washington County Militia
Infantry Co., Second Class Militia - Town of Abingdon. Reported 11/30/1863.

The 1909 Confederate Pension List for Washington County, Virginia


Co. K, 8th VA Cav. Fairview Rifle Guards
Co. A, 34th VA Cav. Battn., Capt. Vincent A. Witcher's Co.
Co. E, 16th VA Cav., Capt. Hurston Spurlock's Co.
Co. G, 16th VA Cav., Capt. Robert H. Parks' Co.
Co. H, 16th VA Cav., Capt. Elisha M. Kendrick's Co.

Elias Vincent's Co., Swann's Battn.
Co. F, 45th Battn. VA Inf., Capt. William B. Hensley's Co. Prev. Co. G, 4th VSL,
Co. C, 1st VSL, Capt. William Chaffin's Co.
Co. G, 1st VSL, Capt. John Rundell's Co.
Co. H, 1st VSL, Capt. Mathias Harrison's Co.,


Co. B, 19th VA Cav., Capt. John S. Sprigg's Co. Previously Co. B, 3rd VSL.
Co. K, 19th VA Cav., Capt. Edward Norris' Co. Prev. Co. I, 3rd VSL.
Co. G2, 25th VA Inf., Capt. William H. Mollohan's Co.


Co. C, 9th VA Cav. Westmoreland Co.
Co. A, 15th VA Cav., Capt. Lucius E. Sanford's Co.
Co. D, 40th VA Inf., Farmer's Fork Grays
Co. C, 47th VA Inf., Capt. Edmund Logwood Wharton's Co., Montross Guards
Co. E, 55th VA Inf., Westmoreland Grays

The 1909 Confederate Pension List for Westmoreland County, Virginia



Co. F, 17th VA Cav., Nighthawk Rangers
Co. C, 19th VA Cav., Capt. Joseph R. Kessler's Co. Previously Co. D, 3rd VSL.


Co. F1, 29th VA Inf., Capt. Anderson Wells' Co.
Co. H, 50th VA Inf., Wise Yankee Catchers
Co. A, 51st VA Inf., Capt. John P. Wolfe's Co.
Co. H, 64th Mounted VA Inf., Capt. Ira Creech's Co.
Co. K, 64th Mounted VA Inf., Capt. George N. Tyler's Co.
Co. C, 4th VSL, later Co. F, 7th Battn. CSA Cav., Capt. John P. Chase's Co.
Co. C, 5th VSL, Capt. William E. Rose's Co., later in 7th Battn. CSA Cav.
Co. D, 5th VSL, Capt. Wilburn Fulton's Co., later in 7th Battn. CSA Cav.
194th Regiment Militia.
The 1909 Confederate Pension List for Wise County, Virginia


Co. F, 17th VA Cav., Nighthawk Rangers
Co. G, 20th VA Cav., Capt. John Dexter Neal's Co.


William J. Sweeney' Co., Swann's Battn. VA Cav.
Co. G, 22nd VA Inf., Wyoming Riflemen
Co. B, 45th Battn. VA Inf., Capt. John Buchanan's Co.
Co. C, 45th Battn. VA Inf., Capt. Russell Cook's Co.
Co. D, 45th Battn. VA Inf., Capt. Benjamin Justice's Co.
Co. H, 1st VSL, Capt. Benjamin H. Justice's Co.
Co. G, 2nd VSL, Capt. James Russell Cook's Co.
190th Virginia Militia


Co. G, 8th VA Cav., Mountain Rangers
Co. G, 22nd VA Cav., Capt. William Orville Moore's Co.
Co. A, 4th VA Inf., Wythe Grays
Co. B, 29th VA Inf.,
Co. B, 45th VA Inf., Mount Airy Rough and Readys
Co. D, 45th VA Inf., Minute Men
Co. B, 51st VA Inf., Wharton Grays.
Co. C, 51st VA Inf., Wythe Rifles

Co. H, 63rd VA Inf., Capt. G. W. B. Keesling's Co.
Captain George Wythe Gleave's Co., Cripple Creek Home Guards No.1
Captain A. C. Moore's Wythe County No. 2,
Captain J. W. Paulett's Co.
1st Lieutenant J. F. Cecil's Co. Provost Guard
Captain H. C. Earhart's Co., Blacklick Home Guard
Captain Martin Neff's Company, Mount Airy Home Guard.
Captain L. G. Shaughley's Co., Kent's Regiment Home Guards.
Co. B, 7th Battalion Local Defense
Wythe County Home Guard, One Co. reported 1863.
Co. E, 4th VA Res., Wythe Res.
Co. G, 4th VA Res., Wythe Res.
35th Virginia Militia
183rd Regiment Militia

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