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Confederate Generals

This DVD contains photographs, biographical sketches, and genealogical information on all 425 Confederate Civil War Generals.

There is also a definitive list of Generals who died in the war along with the full text of the following memoirs and reminiscences.
  • A Lieutenant of Cavalry in Lee's Army - G. W. Beale

  • History of the Ninth Virginia Cavalry - G. W. Beale

  • Military Reminiscences of Gen. William R. Boggs - William R. Boggs

  • The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government - Jefferson Davis

  • Autobiographical Sketch and Narrative of the War - Jubal Early

  • General Gordon Reminiscences - John B. Gordon

  • The Man in Gray - Robert E. Lee

  • The Heart of a Soldier - George Edward Pickett

  • Recollections of a Confederate Staff Officer - G. Moxley Sorrell

  • Destruction and Reconstruction - Richard Taylor
  • Civil War Generals Books and DVDs