County Cross Reference



Co. A, 22nd VA Cav.
Co. A, 25th VA Cav., Capt. Sylvester P. McConnell's Co.
Co. C, 25th VA Cav., Capt. James S. Collings' Co.
Co. D, 25th VA Cav., Capt. Francis M. Smith's Co.
Co. H, 25th VA Cav., Capt. James A. Larmer's Co.
Co. K, 25th VA Cav., Capt. George Tate Lyle's Co.

Co. C2, 21st Inf. Battalion Became Co. C, 64th Mounted Inf.
Co. D2, 21st Inf. Battalion Became Co. D, 64th Mounted Inf.
Co. E2, 21st Inf. Battalion Became Co. E, 64th Mounted Inf.
Co. D, 37th VA Inf., Capt. Henry C. Wood's Co.
Co. A, 48th VA Inf., Stock Creek Greys
Co. C, 48th VA Inf., Osborne Ford Independents Horton.
Co. E, 48th VA Inf., Nicklesville Spartan Band
Co. H, 48th VA Inf., Clinch Mountain Boomers
Franklin's Co., 64th Mounted VA Inf., Capt. James Franklin
Co. K, 4th VSL, Capt. George Starnes' Co later Co. I, 7th Battn. CSA Cav.
Co. H, 6th Battalion Res.
124th Regiment Militia.
185th Regiment Militia


Eighth Star Artillery (Rice's)
Co. C, 7th VA Cav., Shenandoah Rangers.
Co. K, 7th VA Cav., Capt. William Miller's Co.
Co. E, 11th VA Cav., Capt. Joseph T. Hess' Co.
Co. H, 11th VA Cav., Capt. Adolphus Mandeville Pierce's Co.
Co. K, 12th VA Cav., Capt. Levi Lutz's Co.
Co. D, 18th VA Cav., Capt. Wesley Makely's Co.
Co. A, 10th VA Inf., Strausburg Guards.
Co. C1, 10th VA Inf., Southern Grays.
Co. C2, 10th VA Inf., Capt. Robert C. Mauck's Co.
Co. F, 10th VA Inf., Muhlenburg Rifles
Co. H, 10th VA Inf., Chrisman's Infantry
Co. B, 33rd VA Inf., Toms Brook Guard
Co. C, 33rd VA Inf., Tenth Legion Minute Men
Co. E, 33rd VA Inf., Emerald Guard
Co. G, 33rd VA Inf., Mt. Jackson Rifles
Co. K, 33rd VA Inf., Shenandoah Sharpshooters
Co. H, 49th VA Inf., New Market Volunteers
Capt. F. M. Cabell's Co., "New Market Home Guard" VA LDT.
Co. C, 8th Battn. VA Res., Shenandoah Res.
Co. D, 8th Battn. VA Res., Shenandoah Res.


Co. A, 8th VA Cav., Smyth Dragoons
Co. D, 4th VA Inf., Smyth Blues
Co. A, 23rd Infantry Battalion, The Smyth County Sharpshooters
Co. E, 23rd Infantry Battalion
Co. F, 23rd Infantry Battalion
Co. D, 48th VA Inf., Smyth Rifle Greys
Co. E, 50th VA Inf., Smyth Grays
Co. K, 63rd VA Inf., Capt. J. C. Killinger's Co.
Captain Abijah Thomas' Co. Home Guards, Organized 7/16/1863.
Captain William King's Co., The Saltville Artillery
Smyth County Patrol Guard
Captain E. S. Watson's Marion Home Guard, Organized 4/20/1861
Four Unidentified Companies (Battalion) Cavalry report in 1863.
Co. A, 6th Battalion Res., Captain Richard M. Brown's Co.
Co. D, 6th Battalion Res., Captain Evan D. Richardon's Co.
143d Regiment Militia

The 1890 Union Veterans Census for Smyth County, Virginia

The 1909 Virginia Confederate Pension List for Smyth County


Co. A, 18th Battn. Heavy Art. Southampton-Lee Artillery.
Co. H, 5th VA Cav., Southampton Cavalry Became Co. A, 13th VA Cav.
Co. D, 3rd VA Inf., Southampton Greys.
Co. G, 3rd VA Inf., Rough and Ready Guards.
Co. H, 41st VA Inf., Capt. George E. Beaton's Co.
Capt. James H. Prince's Co., Co. C, Southampton Home Guard, VA LDT.
Capt. H. P. Pope's Co., Co. C, Southampton Home Guard, VA LDT.


Co. E, 9th VA Cav. Mercer Cavalry
Co. A, 30th VA Inf., Fredericksburg Guard
Co. B, 30th VA Inf., Fredericksburg Rifle Grays
Co. C, 30th VA Inf., Gordon Rifles
Co. D, 30th VA Inf., Mt. Pleasant Rifles
Co. M, 55th VA Inf., Capt. John F. Alexander's Co.


Fredericksburg Artillery (Braxton's/Marye's/Pollock's)
Stafford Light Artillery (Cooke's/French's/Cooper's)
Co. A, 9th VA Cav., Stafford Rangers
Co. I1, 30th VA Inf., Stafford Guards Became Co. I3, 47th VA Inf.
Co. I2, 30th VA Inf. Capt. Elliont M. Braxton's Co. Previously Co. I2, 47th VA Inf.
Co. A, 47th VA Inf., Capt. Charles J. Green's Co.
Co. B, 47th VA Inf., Capt. Edward P. Tayloe's Co.
Co. I2, 47th VA Inf., Capt. Elliott M. Braxton's Co.


Brandon Art. (Allen's) company, later Co. A, 10th Battn. VA Heavy Art.
Surry Light Artillery (Ruffin's/Hankins').
Co. E, 5th VA Cav., Surry Cavalry Became Co. G, 13th VA Cav.
Co. K, 13th VA Cav., Capt. Samuel H. Burt's Co.


Co. C, 5th VA Cav. (1st Organization), Sussex Light Dragoons Became Co. H, 13th VA Cav.
Co. D, 13th VA Cav., Jackson's Avengers, Previously Co. F2, 46th VA Inf.
Co. E, 16th VA Inf., Sussex Riflemen
Co. A, 41st VA Inf., Capt. T. Junius Eppes' Co.

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