County Cross Reference



Co. D, 9th VA Cav., Lancaster Cavalry
Co. B, 40th VA Inf., Totuskey Grays
Co. F, 40th VA Inf., Capt. Henry F. Cundiff's Co.
Co. H, 40th VA Inf., Lancaster Grays
Co. E, 40th VA Inf., Capt. Thomas L. Pitt's Co.
Co. I, 40th VA Inf., Robinson Guards
Co. F, 47th VA Inf., Lacey Rifles
Co. L, 55th VA Inf., Capt. Charles N. Lawson's Co.
Capt. William Henderson's Co., VA LDT.


Co. B, 25th VA Cav., Capt. Samuel P. Larmer's Co. (Lee)
Co. G, 25th VA Cav., Capt. Thomas S. Gibson's Co. (Lee)
Co. I, 25th VA Cav., Lee Rangers

Co. A, 21st Battn. VA Inf., Became Co. A, 64th Mounted Infantry.
Co. B, 21st Battn. VA Inf., Became Co. B, 64th Mtd. Infantry.
Co. C1, 21st Infantry Battalion
Co. D1, 21st Infantry Battalion
Co. E1, 21st Infantry Battalion
Co. E, 37th VA Inf., Capt. Thomas S. Gibson's Co.
Co. G, 48th VA Inf., Lee County Guards
Co. A, 50th VA Inf., Capt. Jonathan Richmond's Co.
Co. B, 50th VA Inf., Capt. Alexander Vandeventer's Co.
Co. B, Cavalry, 50th VA Inf., Lee Grays
Co. K, 50th VA Inf., Capt. Jefferson Thompson Lawson's Co.
Co. G, 64th Mounted VA Inf., Capt. William W. Wynn's Co.
Co. I, 64th Mounted VA Inf., Capt. William J. Collier's Co.
Co. K, 64th Mounted VA Inf., Capt. George N. Tyler's Co.
94th Regiment Militia
159th Regiment Militia


Co. C, 17th VA Cav., Capt. William C. Tavenner's Co.
Co. I, 18th VA Cav., Capt. Jacob Warden's Co.
Co. K, 19th VA Cav., Capt. Edward Norris' Co. Prev. Co. I, 3rd VSL.
Co. I, 31st VA Inf., Capt. Alfred H. Jackson's Co.


Co. B, 34th VA Cav. Battn., Capt. William Stratton's Co.
Co. D, 34th VA Cav. Battn., Capt. Barnett Carter's Co. (Logan Co.)
William B. Watkins' Co., Swann's Battn. VA Cav.
Co. B1, 36th VA Inf., Logan County Riflemen.
Co. C1, 36th VA Inf., Chapmanville Riflemen
Co. D2, 36th VA Inf., Capt. James M. Lawson's Co.
Co. H1, 36th VA Inf., Capt. Louis Lechenet's Co.
Co. B, 45th Battn. VA Inf., Capt. John Buchanan's Co.
Co. D, 45th Battn. VA Inf., Capt. Benjamin Justice's Co.
Co. E, 45th Battn. VA Inf., Capt. Lloyd Ellis' Co.
Co. A, 1st VSL, Capt. Green W. Taylor's Co.
Co. E, 1st VSL, Capt. William A. Dempsey's Co.
Co. H, 1st VSL, Capt. Benjamin H. Justice's Co.
Co. I, 1st VSL, Capt. John Buchanan's Co.
Co. K, 1st VSL, Capt. Robert Lawson's Co.
Co. H, 2nd VSL, Capt. Mathias Harrion's Co.
Co. A, 4th VSL, Capt. Peter M. Carpenter's Co.
Co. A, 5th VSL, Capt. Lorenzo Dow Chamber's Co.
Co. E, 5th VSL, Capt. Melvin B. Lawson's Co. Later Part of Rebel Bill Smith's Batn.
Co. I, 5th VSL, Capt. P. K. McComas' Co.


Morris' Artillery (Page's/Montgomery's)
Co. D, 13th VA Inf., Louisa Blues
Co. A, 23rd VA Inf., Louisa Rifles
Co. D, 23rd VA Inf., Lousia Grays
Co. G, 23rd VA Inf., Frederick's Hall Grays
Co. C, 56th VA Inf., Louisa Hollidary Guards
Co. F, 56th VA Inf., Louisa-Nelson Grays


Loudoun Artillery (Rogers')
Co. H, 1st VA Cav., Loudoun Light Horse
Co. A, 6th VA Cav., Loudoun Dragoons
Co. K, 6th VA Cav., Loudoun Cavalry
Co. K, 11th VA Cav., Capt. Octavus T. Weems' Co.
Co. A, 35th VA Cav. Battn., White's Rebels
Co. F, 8th VA Inf., Blue Mountain Boys
Co. I, 8th VA Inf., Capt. James R. Simpson's Co.
Co. A, 8th VA Inf., Hillborough Border Guard
Co. E, 8th VA Inf., Capt. Mandley Hampton's Co.
Co. C, 17th VA Inf., Loudoun Guard


Lunenburg Rebel Artillery (Hawthorne's/Allen's).
Co. G, 9th VA Cav., Lunenburg Light Dragoons.
Co. H1, 9th VA Inf., Lunenburg Heavy Art., Became Co. H2, 59th VA Inf.
Co. B, 20th VA Inf., Pryor Rifle Co.
Co. C, 20th VA Inf., Capt. David R. Stoke's Co.
Co. B, 22nd Battn. VA Inf., Charlotte and Lunenburg Art.
Co. K, 1st VA Res., Lunenburg Res.


Beuregard Rifles Artillery (Moorman's/Shoemaker's)
Lynchburg-Lee Artillery (Deshler's/Anderson's/Hardwicke's/Raine's)
Co. C, 13th Battn. VA Art. Davidson's Lynchburg Artillery
Co. D, 38th Battn. VA Lt. Art., Capt. Joseph G. Blount's Lynchburg Artillery
Co. D, 39th VA Cav. Battn., Capt. William W. Page's Co.
Co. C, 34th VA Inf., Davis Artillery
Public Guard, LDT.
Capt. John S. Langhorne's Co., LDT.
Capt. Henry Grey Latham's Co., LDT.
Capt. Samuel H. Devaughn's Co., LDT.
Capt. Jacob H. Robertson's Co. LDT
Capt. F. C. Hutter's Co. LDT
Capt. Daniel A. Langhorne's Co. LDT
Capt. James A. Hamner's Co., Silver Greys Battn., VA LDT.
Capt. Jacob H. Robertson's Co., Silver Greys Battn., VA LDT.
Co. G, 3rd VA Res., Lynchburg Res.

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