County Cross Reference



Giles Light Artillery (McComas/French's)
Co. D(1), 8th VA Cav., Giles Troop
Co. D, 17th VA Cav.,
Co. D, 7th VA Inf., Giles Volunteers
Co. G, 23rd Battn VA Inf.
Co. F, 24th VA Inf., New River White Rifles
Co. H, 26th Battn. VA Inf., Capt. James Dunlap's Co.
Co. H2, 36th VA Inf., Capt. Andrew J. Porterfield's Co.
Co. I3, 36th VA Inf., Capt. Andrew Gott's Co.
Co. F, 11th Battn. VA Res., Giles Res.
Captain William H. Dulany's Co., Giles County Home Guards.
Captain James Harvey French's Co., Home Guards of Parisburg, Giles County.
Co. A, 7th Battalion VA LDT
86th Regiment Militia


Co. B, 19th VA Cav., Capt. John S. Sprigg's Co. Previously Co. B, 3rd VSL.
Co. E, 19th VA Cav., Capt. James W. Ball's Co. Previously Co. E, 3rd VSL.
Co. D, 31st VA Inf., Gilmer Rifles


Co. L2, 1st VA Cav., Gloucester Light Dragoons Became Co. A, 5th VA Cav.
Co. A, 26th VA Inf., York River Infantry
Co. B2, 26th VA Inf., Gloucester Grays.
Co. E, 26th VA Inf., Lincoln Hunters
Co. F, 26th VA Inf., Gloucester Invincibles
Co. A, 34th VA Inf., Gloucester Artillery


Goochland Light Artillery (Guy's)
Goochland-Turner Artillery (Leake's)
Co. F, 4th VA Cav., Goochland Light Dragoons
Co. H, 22nd Battn. VA Inf., Capt. John S. Bowles' Co.
Co. F, 23rd VA Inf., Goochland Grays
Co. B, 44th VA Inf., Goochland-Byrd Rifles
Co. D, 44th VA Inf., Ambler Grays
Co. H2, 46th VA Inf., Goochland Infantry


Co. C, 8th VA Cav., Grayson Cavalry
Co. G, 14th VA Cav.
Co. D, 37th Battn. VA Cav.
Co. I, 37th Battn. VA Cav., Capt. E. Young's Co., Prev. Co. D, 4th VSL.
Co. F, 4th VA Inf., Grayson Dare Devils
Co. C, 45th VA Inf., Grayson Rifles
Co. D, 50th VA Inf., Wilson Rifles
Co. I, 51st VA Inf., Capt. Ezekiel Young's Co.
Co. K, 51st VA Inf., Capt. Stephen M. Dickey's Co.
Co. C, 63rd VA Inf., Marshall Rifles
Co. G, 63rd VA Inf., Capt. L. H. Hampton's Co.
Captain B. F. Cooper's Co., The Grayson Guards
Grayson County Home Guard, Cavalry
Co. B, 4th Res., Grayson Res.
78th Regiment Militia

The 1890 Union Veterans Census for Grayson County
The 1909 Virginia Confederate Pension List for Grayson County


Co. A, 14th VA Cav., White's Company Mounted Riflemen
Co. D, 14th VA Cav., Capt. Jenkins' Guards
Co. K, 14th VA Cav., Greenbrier Cavalry No. 2
Amick's Partisan Rangers, Thurmond's Battn.
Joseph McClung's Co., Thurmond's Battn.
W. D. Huffman's Co., Thurmond's Battn.
Robert B. Gwinn's Co., Thurmond's Battn.
P. W. Snider's Co., Thurmond's Battn.
V. W. Hawvel's Co., Thurmond's Battn.
Capt. Baumgardner's Co., Thurmond's Battn.
Co. B, 26th Battn. VA Inf., Capt. Edmund S. Read's Co.
Co. D, 26th Battn. VA Inf., Capt. George M. Edgar's Co.
Co. E, 26th Battn. VA Inf., Capt. William D. Hefner's Co.
Co. G, 26th Battn. VA Inf., White Sulphur Rifles
Co. E, 27th VA Inf., Greenbrier Rifles
Co. F, 27th VA Inf., Greenbrier Sharpshooters
Co. B, 60th VA Inf., Greenbrier Mountain Rifles.
Co. E, 60th VA Inf., Bruce Rifles
Co. K, 60th VA Inf., Osceola Guards


Co. F, 7th VA Inf., Capt. Francis M. McMullan's Co.
Co. D, 34th VA Inf., Green Rough and Readys


Co. F, 5th Battn. VA Inf., Greensville Guard
Co. F, 12th VA Inf., Huger Greys
Co. I2, 12th VA Inf., Capt. Richard. W. Jones' Co.
Co. G, 61st VA Inf., Confederate Defenders
Capt. Edward P. Scott's Co. VA LDT.
Co. A, 4th Battn. VA Res., Capt. Benjamin W. Belsches' Co.
Co. B, 4th Battn. VA Res., Capt. W. B. Shands' Co.
Co. C, 4th Battn. VA Res., Capt. Sabat Griffin's Co.
Co. D, 4th Battn. VA Res., Capt. Isaac T. Britt's Co.

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