Colorado Ford's Independent Company

HISTORICAL NOTES: Capt. James Ford became involved in the Civil War when Confederate forces invaded New Mexico. Colonel Edward Canby called for reinforcements from the nearby Colorado Territory to help in the defense of New Mexico. The people of Colorado responded quickly and Ford took command of one company raised in Canon City and was appointed captain on December 21, 1861. This company would be known as "Ford's Independent Company" even though it received an official designation as Company "A", 2nd Colorado Volunteer Infantry Regiment.

As Ford marched his company towards Fort Union, he absorbed a number of soldiers from the 1st and 4th New Mexico Volunteer Regiments. Upon his arrival at Fort Union, Ford's company was reassigned as Company "G" of the 4th New Mexico Volunteer Regiment. It is likely Ford and his men never styled themselves Company G, as they continued to function independently of either regiment.
OFFICERS: Captain James Hobart Ford
The roster of this battery contains 81 names.

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