Colorado 2nd Infantry Regiment

HISTORICAL NOTES: In November 1862, the Colorado 1st Infantry Regiment was reorganized along with Companies C and D of the 2nd Colorado Infantry Regiment into the 1st Colorado Cavalry. (This was done since the US War Department believed cavalry would be better in protecting the Western trails and for fighting the various Indian tribes.)
Organized by Colonel Jesse H. Leavenworth, the 2nd Colorado Infantry was authorized in February, 1862. The first four companies already existed at that date, as independent volunteer companies. One of these companies, later designated Company A, fought in New Mexico at the Battle of Valverde (February 21, 1862). This company, under command of Captain Theodore H. Dodd, is called Dodd's Independent Company according to Colorado Archives records of the period. Another company, later designated Company B, fought at Glorieta Pass with the 1st Colorado in March 1862. This company, commanded by Captain James H. Ford, is called Ford's Independent Company. Both companies participated in the battle at Peralta, New Mexico. The third and fourth independent companies, later designated Companies C and D, were posted at Fort Union, New Mexico in April 1862, where they took part in actions against Navajo Indians as well as Confederate guerillas. With the four independent companies as a nucleus, Colonel Leavenworth raised an additional six companies, as well as an artillery company later designated McLain's Independent Battery. Leavenworth appointed Captain Dodd as lieutenant-colonel of his regiment, while Captain Ford became Major. The regiment, however, did not remain complete. Companies C and D were absorbed by the 1st Colorado Cavalry when it formed in November 1862. The remaining companies were posted at various places along the Santa Fe Trail in Kansas, to guard supply trains against Indian attacks and to deter an expected Confederate invasion from Texas. Battalions from this regiment met the Confederates at Cabin Creek and Honey Springs, Indian Territory (present-day Oklahoma) in July 1863. Colonel Leavenworth resigned in September, 1863 and was not replaced. The regiment was later combined with the incomplete 3rd Colorado Infantry in November 1863 to form the 2nd Colorado Cavalry.
The Colorado State Archives has custody of the casualty records, clothing issue records, some of the muster rolls, and the morning reports relating to this regiment.
ASSIGNMENTS: Organized at Fort Garland, Canon City, Fort Lyon and Denver, Colo., December, 1861. Ford's Independent Company, organized at Canon City, Colo., August to December, 1861, assigned as Company "A." Company left Canon City December 12 and arrived at Fort Garland December 21, and mustered in December 24, 1861. Todd's Independent Company organized at Canon City August to December, 1861. Assigned as Company "B." Left Canon City December 7 and marched to Fort Garland. Mustered in December 14, 1861. Ford's Company at Fort Garland till February 4, 1862, then marched to Santa Fe, N. Mex., February 4-March 4, 1862, thence to Fort Union, N. Mex., March 5-11. Dodd's Company marched to Santa Fe, N. Mex., thence to Fort Craig and joined Canby. Skirmish at Fort Craig February 20 (Co. "B"). Engagement at Valverde February 21 (Co. "B") Evacuation of Albuquerque and Santa Fe March 3-4. Skirmish at Albuquerque April 8. Action at Apache Canon March 26. La Glorieta Pass, or Pigeon Ranch, March 28. Peralta April 15. Apache Canon July 15. Duty at Fort Craig, Santa Fe and Fort Union till February, 1863. Expedition from Fort Union to Canadian River and Utah Creek October 29-November 23 (Co "C"). March to Fort Lyon, Colo. Duty there, at Denver and Fort Garland till March. Ordered to Camp Scott, Kansas. At Camp Leroy, Kansas, June. Fort Gibson, I. T., May 28. (Co. "C" at Council Grove, Kansas District of the Border, July, 1863.) Escort train from Fort Scott to Fort Smith, Ark., June-July (Cos. "A," "B.") Engagement at Cabin Creek, I. T., July 1-2, and at Elk Creek near Honey Springs, I. T., July 17. Duty in Cherokee Nation at Fort Blunt July, and at Fort Smith, Ark., operating on line of the Arkansas River till November. Action at Perryville, I. T., August 26. Texas Prairie August 29 (Co. "F"). Skirmish at Webber Falls September 9. Ordered to Springfield, Mo., October, 1863, for consolidation with 3rd Colorado Infantry to form 2nd Colorado Cavalry. SERVICE:


The roster of the 2nd Infantry contains 1127 names.

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