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This area contains information on units and soldiers organized by state. Click on "ResearchOnLine Home" then scroll down to the state of interest. Each state is similarly organized. Here is the Georgia menu.

FREE Georgia Books On Line - This area contains links to volumes which are available on line dealing with Georgia Civil War and Genealogy Research. Each state is further divided into the following categories. The number of available volumes will vary by state. For Georgia this area contains links to 114 volumes. Civil War
     Regimental Histories
     General Research
Local History
Cemetery Records
Census Records
Church History
Land Grants
Marriage Records

Georgia Books For Sale - This area lists the books and CD-ROMS we have for sale dealing with researchin the state. For the most part these books are not found in the "FREE" books for the state. Books for sale by state are further categorized. For Georgia this area containg 146 volumes. Historical Sketch & Roster Series
Georgia General Research
Georgia Regimental Histories
Georgia Research by Counties

Georgia Civil War Soldiers Index - This index is the "heart" of the state site listing the soldiers who fought from the state and their unit and company of service. You can click on the soldier's name to drill down to a brief history of his unit and a bibliography showing what books and CDs are available for further research.
Our index differs from the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors Index by about 3 percent. We "manage" our index to add new names as they are found and add first names / combine records for obvious alternate spellings and correct errors when they are found whereas he CWSS index reflects the original work done in the early 1900s by the National Archives. It is important to remember to look up all the variations when researching at the National Archives as each variation in spelling points to another packet envelope of information. The indexes at Ancestry and Fold3 are similarly unmanaged.

Broadfoot's Index is also a managed index, but it was generally set in the early 1990s when their books were published, thus not reflecting more recent research and materials uncovered since the advent of the internet.

Military Units Formed in Georgia - This area contains historical sketches of each of the 345 military units formed in Georgia. The following information may be found. Historical Notes:
Field Officers:

Gravesites of Georgia Soldiers - This database contains names and cemetery locations of Georgia soldiers. Generally we are working on Confederate gravesites only. The Sons of Union Veterans Graves Registration Database has information on Union soldier burials.

Georgia Military History - This area lists the books which are included on our Civil War in Georgia CD-ROM. They generally cover Georgia in the War at a "high" level with little details on individual men beyond officers. You'll also find volumes here dealing with political issues and reconstruction.

Official Records Citations - This contains a volume level index to the Official Records for both political citations and units. The individual volumes each contain their own index showing page numbers within the volume or you can use a key word search if you have a digital copy of the Official Records.

Battles in Georgia - This are lists all of the battles and skirmishes which occurred in the state organized by state. Generally the Union troops engaged are identified, but the Confederate troops are not identified in the records. A master index of all 6,500 + battles are found in our All the Battles of the Civil War and narrative details are found in This Week in the Civil War.

Biographical Sketches - This area contains biographical sketces of Georgia soldiers organized by last name.

Photo Gallery - This area contains a limited number of photos of soldiers and battle scenes with details on the complete library which is included on our Civil War in Georgia CD-ROM.
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