About The Free Digital Library.

Think of it as an OnLine catalog of thousands of books that are available FREE for you to use in your research.

Over the past few years Google and others have placed thousands of volumes on line, but they not provided a system to allow you to easily find and utilize the material. Our intent is to change that by:
  • Providing a logical hierarchical catalog of available materials
  • Linking to the "best" copy of each book on line
  • Providing the book in all of the needed formats - KINDLE, PDF, , EPUB, DJVU, HTML, XML, TXT, DOC - whatever evolves over time.
  • Providing useful summaries, book reviews, indexes, etc. to make research easier
  • Provide a forum for discussion of research materials
  • Clean up the "mess" left by the scanning and OCRing of the various books
  • The volumes are organized by state plus the following sub-catagories: Civil War
    Local History
    Cemetery Records
    Census Records
    Church History
    Land Grants
    Marriage Records

    Research Your Civil War Ancestor

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    Free Digital Library

    Free Digital Library
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