County Cross Reference



Co. G, 5th VA Cav., Nansemond Cavalry, Became Co. I, 13th VA Cav.
Co. C, 13th VA Cav., Capt. Thomas E. Upshaw's Co.
Co. F, 3rd VA Inf., Nansemond Rangers.
Co. E2, 6th VA Inf., Nansemond Guards
Co. F, 9th VA Inf., Capt. James. J. Phillips' Co.
Co. A, 16th VA Inf., Marion Rangers
Co. B, 16th VA Inf., Suffolk Continentals
Co. I, 41st VA Inf., Cypress Chapel Sharpshooters
Co. K, 41st VA Inf., South Quay Guards


Amherst-Nelson Artillery (Latham's/Lamkin's)
Nelson Light Artillery (Rives)
Co. B, 8th VA Cav., Nelson Rangers
Co. G, 19th VA Inf., Nelson Grays
Co. F, 49th VA Inf., Capt. William H. Crowder's Co.
Co. F, 50th VA Inf., Capt. Robert W. Snead's Co.
Co. E, 51st VA Inf., Nelson Volunteers
Co. F, 56th VA Inf., Louisa-Nelson Grays
Co. H, 3rd VA Res., Nelson Res.


Pamunkey Artillery (Ellett's/Jones')
Co. F, 3rd VA Cav., New Kent Light Dragoons
Co. B, 53rd VA Inf., Barhamsville Greys
Co. E, 53rd VA Inf., Pamunkey Rilfes


Co. I, 17th VA Cav., Capt. John T. Bland's Co.
Co. D, 22nd VA Inf., Nicholas Blues
Co. F, 36th VA Inf., Mountain Riflemen

NORFOLK (City and County)

Norfolk Artillery (Huger's/Moore's)
Norfolk Light Artillery Blues (Grandy's)
Co. B, 18th Battn. VA Heavy Art., Atlantic Art.
Co. C, 19th Battn. VA Heavy Art., United Art., Previously Co. E1, 41st VA Inf.
Co. B, 20th Battn. VA Heavy Art., St. Bride's Art., Became Co. I2, 38th VA Inf.
Co. B, 5th VA Cav., St. Bride's Cavalry, Became Co. F, 15th VA Cav.
Co. A, 6th VA Inf., William N. McKenney's Co.
Co. B1, 6th VA Inf., Lamb's Head
Co. C, 6th VA Inf., Woodis Rifles
Co. D, 6th VA Inf., Norfolk Light VA Inf.,
Co. G, 6th VA Inf., Company "F"
Co. H, 6th VA Inf., Independent Grays
Co. I, 9th VA Inf., Craney Island Light Artillery
Co. H, 12th VA Inf., Norfolk Junior Volunteers
Co. C, 16th VA Inf., Virginia Defenders
Co. H1, 16th VA Inf., Norfolk Light Artillery Blues
Co. F, 41st VA Inf., Norfolk County Rifle Patriots
Co. A, 61st VA Inf., Jackson's Grays
Co. B, 61st VA Inf., Wilson Guard
Co. C, 61st VA Inf., Blanchard Greys
Co. E, 61st VA Inf., Border Rifles
Co. H, 61st VA Inf., Virginia Rangers
Co. K, 61st VA Inf., Capt. Maxmillian Herrbert's Co.

36th and 37th U.S. Colored Infantry, some of whom were recruited in North Carolina, others in the Norfolk, Virginia area.


Co. B, 19th Battn. VA Hvy Art., Bossieux Guards
Co. E3, 19th Battn. VA Hvy Art., Capt. George Golden Savage's Co.
Co. H2, 16th VA Inf., Captain Francis M. Ironmonger's Co.
Co. A, 39th VA Inf., Capt. Willaim C. Wickings' Co.
Co. B, 39th VA Inf., Capt. Francis M. Ironmonger's Co.
Co. C, 39th VA Inf., Capt. Thomas Z. Henderson's Co.
Co. K, 39th VA Inf., Capt. Peter B. Smith's Co.


Co. A, 40th VA Inf., Wicomico Artillery
Co. C, 40th VA Inf., Heathsville Guards
Co. F, 40th VA Inf., Capt. Henry F. Cundiff's Co.
Co. G, 40th VA Inf., Northumberland Rifles
Co. H, 40th VA Inf., Lancaster Grays
Co. K, 40th VA Inf., Potomac Rifles
Capt. Thomas B. Alexander's Co., VA LDT.
Capt. Covington's Co., VA LDT.


Nottoway Artillery, Captain William C. Jeffress' Co.
Co. E, 3rd VA Cav., Nottoway Troop
Co. C, 18th VA Inf., Nottoway Rifle Guards
Co. G, 18th VA Inf., Nottoway Greys
Co. C, 53rd VA Inf., Old Dominion Grays
Capt. William S. Guy's Co., VA LDT.
Co. F, 1st VA Res., Nottoway Res.

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