County Cross Reference



Co. F2, 5th VA Cav., Chesterfield Troop. Became Co. _, 11th VA Cav.
Co. F, 6th VA Cav., Fairfax Cavalry
Co. I, 11th VA Cav., Capt. Dulany Ball's Co.
Co. H, 15th VA Cav., Capt. William G. Brawner's Co.
Co. B, 43rd VA Cav. Battn., Capt. William Rawley Smith's Co.
Co. G, 8th VA Inf., Capt. James Thrift's Co.
Co. D, 17th VA Inf., Fairfax Riflemen


Brooke's Artillery
Fauquier Artillery (Stribling's)
Co. A, 38th Battn. VA Lt. Art., Fauqier Artillery.
Co. H, 4th VA Cav., Black Horse Troop
Co. H, 6th VA Cav., Wise Dragoons
Co. A, 7th VA Cav., Mountain Rangers
Co. C, 35th VA Cav. Battn., Capt. R. B. Grubb's Co.
Co. B, 8th VA Inf., Piedmont Rifles
Co. K, 8th VA Inf., Capt. Robert T. Scott's Co.
Co. I, 11th VA Inf., Rough and Ready Rifles
Co. K, 17th VA Inf., Warrenton Rifles
Co. C, 49th VA Inf., Faquier Guards
Co. G1, 49th VA Inf., Markahm Guards
Capt. D. C. Shank's Co., VA LDT.


W. D. Thurmond's Rangers, Thurmond's Battn.
P. J. Thurmond's Rangers, Thurmond's Battn.
J. D. Thurmond's Rangers, Thurmond's Battn.
Co. K3, 22nd VA Inf., Fayetteville Rifles.
Co. C, 60th VA Inf., Dixie Rifles

Loyalty and Civil Liberty in Fayette County During the Civil War


Battery, Stuart's Horse Artillery 1st Co.
Co. B, 21st VA Cav.
Co. G, 21st VA Cav.
Co. E, 25th VA Cav., Capt. John Taylor Radford's Co.
Co. A, 24th VA Inf., Floyd Riflemen
Co. B, 42nd VA Inf. Floyd Guards
Co. D, 51st VA Inf., Capt. D. Lee Ross' Co.
Co. G, 51st VA Inf., Floyd Game Cocks
Co. H, 51st VA Inf., (Several men from Floyd Co.)

Co. A, 54th VA Inf., Capt. Andrew Dickerson's Co.
Co. B, 54th VA Inf., Capt. Jackson Godby's Co.
Co. D, 54th VA Inf., Capt. Austin Harman's Co.
Co. H, 54th VA Inf., Capt. Sparel H. Griffith's Co.
Co. I, 54th VA Inf., Capt. Burwell Aker's Co.
Co. H, 5th VSL, Capt. David Edmundson's Co.
Co. H, 4th Res., Floyd Res.
Co. I, 4th Res., Floyd Res.
130th Regiment Militia
The 1909 Floyd County Pension List

1890 Union Veterans Census for Floyd County, VA


1st Fluvanna Artillery
2nd Fluvanna Artillery
Co. C, 14th VA Inf., Fluvanna Rifle Guard
Co. H, 22nd Battn. VA Inf., Capt. John S. Bowles' Co.
Co. F, 44th VA Inf., Fluvanna Hornets
Co. K, 44th VA Inf., Fluvanna Guards


Co. D, 2nd VA Cav., Franklin Rangers.
Co. C, 10th VA Cav., Capt. William W. Flood's Co.
Co. A, 37th VA Cav. Battn., Capt. James R. Claiborne's Co.
Co. G, 37th VA Cav. Battn., Capt. Ned T. Bridges' Co.
Co. B, 24th VA Inf., Capt. Jos. A. Hambrick's Co.
Co. D, 24th VA Inf., Capt. Thomas S. Taylor's Co.
Co. K, 42nd VA Inf., Franklin Invicibles.
Co. B, 57th VA Inf., Franklin Sharpshooters
Co. C, 57th VA Inf., Franklin Fire-Eaters
Co. D, 58th VA Inf., Capt. DeWitt C. Booth's Co.
Co. E, 58th VA Inf., Hale's Ford Franklin Guard


Winchester Arillery (Cutshaw's)
Co. A, 1st VA Cav. Newton Light Dragoons
Co. A, 11th VA Cav., Capt. George W. Myer's Co.
Co. C, 24th VA Cav. Battn. Capt. Adolphus M. Pierce's Co., which became Co. H, 11th VA Cav., Capt. Adolphus Mandeville Pierce's Co.
Co. C, 12th VA Cav., Capt. John H. Ford's Co.
Co. F, 18th VA Cav., Capt. Robert Bruce Muse's Co.
Co. F, 2nd VA Inf., Winchester Rifles
Co. A, 5th VA Inf., Marion Rifles
Co. K, 5th VA Inf., Continental Morgan Guards.
Co. H, 13th VA Inf., Fort Loudoun Guards
Co. D, 33rd VA Inf., Mountain Rangers

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