The Civil War in Nevada

In no other state besides perhaps Missouri were the rights of the citizens so trampled as in Nevada. The Confederate sympathizers were arrested and imprisoned at Fort Churchill and forced to do "exhaustive work." A twenty foot chain was locked around the prisoner's ankles, the other end fastened to a short post. Then for two hours he was forced to walk at chain's length around the post carrying a fifty pound sack of dirt on his back.

Col. P. Edward Conner, Commander of the 3rd Regiment of California Volunteers and of Fort Churchill issued an order on August 6th, 1862, making it a crime to express sentiment against the government. Anyone found guilty would be confined until such time they swore an oath of allegiance to the Union. If they returned as a repeat offender, the accused would be confined until such time Col. Conner was notified so he could render the punishment.

Despite the oppression, the Confederacy had its sympathizers to the cause.
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