1st Regiment New Mexico Volunteer Cavalry

The 1st Regiment New Mexico Volunteer Cavalry was organized May 31, 1862, by consolidation of the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th Regiments of New Mexico Infantry. It was mustered out September 30, 1866. ASSIGNMENTS:
Attached to Dept. of New Mexico, and engaged in operations against Indians in New Mexico and Arizona, and on garrison duty by detachments, at Forts Stanton, Goodwin, McRae, Wingate, Craig, Canby, Sumner, Marcy, Bascom, Union, and other points in that Department, during entire term of service. SERVICE:
Skirmishes at Jornado del Muerta June 16, 1863. Warm Springs, Fort McRae, June 20. Operations against Navajo Indians July 7-August 19. Rio Hondo July 18. Concha's Springs July 29 (1 Co.). Pueblo, Colorado, August 18 (3 Cos.). Scout from Fort Wingate to Jacob's Wells, Ojo Redendo, September 15-October 5. Riconde Mascaras December 11. Expedition against Navajo Indians January 6-21, 1864. Operations in New Mexico and Arizona February 1-March 7. Expedition from Fort Wingate to Gila and St. Francis Rivers May 27-July 13 (Cos. "B," "F"). Skirmishes on San Carlos River June 7 and 8 (Cos. "B," "F"). Scouts from Fort Sumner August 3-November 4 (Co. "L"). Skirmish Sacramento Mountains August 25 (Co. "L"). Expedition from Fort Craig to Fort Goodwin, Arizona, October 1-November 27 (Detachment). Scout in the Sacramento Mountains October 13-2 (Cos. "A," "L"). Expedition from Fort Wingate against Indians November 23-December 20. Engagement at St. Vrain's Old Fort, Adobe Fort on Canadian River, November 25. Skirmish Red River December 1. Hassayampa Creek December 15 (Co. "K"). Expedition against Indians in Central Arizona and skirmish at Sycamore Springs, Arizona, December 26, 1864-January 1, 1865. Expedition from Fort Wingate to Sierra del Datil January 2-10, 1865. Scout from Fort Wingate to Sierra del Datil January 11-21 (Detachment). Scout from Fort Sumner March 15-21. Scout from Fort Stanton April 12-25 (Cos. "A," "H"). ROSTERS:
The composite rosters of this unit contains the names of 3533 men. BIBLIOGRAPHY:

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