2nd Minnesota Sharpshooters

Historical Sketch:
Two independent companies were raised in Minnesota to be part of Berdan’s United States Sharpshooters. The First Company of Minnesota Sharpshooters became Company A of the Second Regiment of United States Sharpshooters and served with them in the Army of the Potomac. The Second Company of Minnesota Sharpshooters became Company L of the First Regiment of United States Sharpshooters, but was soon detached and transferred as Company L of the First Minnesota Infantry. Company L participated in most of the First Minnesota's actions until the regiment was mustered out in early 1864. ROSTERS:
The composite rosters of this unit contains the names of 52 men.

  • Roster
    The following items are in the Minnesota Historical Society.

  • 2nd Regiment U.S. Army Sharpshooters, Company A Records, 1861 - 1865.
    Orders, lists of officers and noncommissioned officers, morning reports and registers for Company A of the 1st Company of Minnesota Sharpshooters.
  • Owen Evans Letters, 1862 - 1863.
    Three letters from Captain Evans to his daughter in Anoka between March and May 1862 describe the Peninsular Campaign and Fredericksburg battles.
  • Anna Seamans Correspondence, 1864 - 1865. (William H. Stacy)
    Includes three hospital letters from Stacy who transferred from the Sharpshooters to Company A, 1st Minnesota Infantry Battalion.
  • Josiah B. Chaney and Family Papers, 1792 - 1917.
    Includes detailed letters to his wife Melissa, written February - October 1862, describing camp life, army morale, and Peninsular Campaign battles.
  • Joseph C. Dickey and Family Papers, 1860 - 1935.
    Letters to family members describe camp life and battles, particularly Antietam, where Dickey was wounded.
  • G. Merill Dwelle and Family Papers, 1843 - 1896.
    Dwelle’s letters from December 1861 - February 1863 describe the Company’s formation, training, and campaigns, from the Peninsula Campaign through Antietam. Includes accounts of his wounding at Antietam, subsequent recovery, and training with the Third Battery.
  • Charles D. Strong Papers, 1862 - 1865.
    Letter dated April 28, 1862 from Washington and a partial Company roster.

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