Florida 3rd Infantry Regiment

Historical Notes HISTORICAL NOTES:
The 3rd Florida Infantry Regiment was formed near Pensacola, Florida, in July, 1861. Its companies were recruited in the counties of St. Johns, Hernando, Jefferson, Duval, Wakulla, Madison, Columbia, and Suwannee. The unit served along the coast at Talbot Island and Cedar Keys, then moved to le. After fighting at Perryville it was assigned to Preston's, Stovall's, Finley's, J.A. Smith's Brigade, and during December, 1862, consolidated with the 1st Florida Infantry Regiment. The 1st and 3rd were engaged at Murfreesboro and Jackson, then participated in the campaigns of the Army of Tennessee from Chickamauga to Bentonville. It was organized with 950 officers and men, and the 1st and 3rd lost twenty-six percent of the 23 in action at Chickamauga. In December, 1863, this command totalled 240 men and 119 arms, but only a remnant surrendered in April, 1865. Assignments OFFICERS:
William S. Dilworth

Lieutenant Colonels:
Lucius A. Church
Elisha Mashburn
Arthur J. T. Wright

John L. Phillips.

Assignments ASSIGNMENTS:
  • Department of Florida
  • Preston's, Stovall's, Finley's, J. A. Smith's Brigade
  • Service BATTLES:
  • Coastal service at Talbot Island and Cedar Keys
  • Service at le
  • Oct. 8 Perryville, Kentucky
  • Oct. 10-22 Retreat from Perryville to London, Kentucky
  • Dec. 26-30 Operations against the Union advance on Murfeesborough, Tennessee, Army of Tennessee
  • Dec. 31 - Jan. 3, 1863 Battle of Stones River, Murfeesborough, Tennessee
  • Dec. 31 Consolidated with the 1st Florida Volunteer Infantry
  • As part of the Florida 1st Infantry Regiment
  • July 5-17 Campaign against Jackson, Mississippi
  • July 7 Skirmish near Baker's Creek, Mississippi
  • July 9 Skirmish near Jackson, Mississippi
  • July l0-16 Siege of Jackson, Mississippi
  • Sept. 19-21 Battle of Chickamauga Chickamauga, Georgia
  • Sept. 24 - Nov.23 Siege of Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • Nov. 23-27 Campaign of Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Ringgold, Georgia
  • Nov. 24-25 Assault and capture of Missionary Ridge, Tennessee
  • Apr. 9 Consolidated with the 6th and 7th Florida Volunteer Infantry regiments
  • May 1 - Sept. 8 Atlanta Campaign
  • May 8-11 Operations against and on Rocky Face Ridge, Georgia
  • May 8-9 Combat at Buzzard's Roost Gap (Mill Creek), Georgia
  • May 14-15 Battle of Resaca, Georgia
  • May 18-19 Combat near Cassville, Georgia
  • May 25 - June 5 Operations on the line of Pumkinvine Creek and battles about Dallas, Naw Hope Church, and Alatoona Hill, Georgia
  • May 25 Battle of New Hope Church, Georgia
  • June 10 - July 2 Operations about Marietta, and Kenesaw Mountain, Georgia
  • June 11-14 Combat about Pine Hill, Georgia
  • June 15-17 Combat about Lost Mountain, Georgia
  • June 17 Assault on Kennesaw Mountain, Georgia
  • July 5-17 Operations on the line of the Chattahoochee River, Georgia
  • July 19-20 Battle of Peach Tree Creek, Georgia
  • July 22 Battle of Atlanta, Georgia
  • July 23 - Aug 25 Siege of Atlanta, Georgia
  • Aug. 5-7 Combat at Utoy Creek, Georgia
  • Aug. 31 - Sept. 1 Battle of Jonesborough, Georgia
  • Sept. 2-5 Engagement at Lovejoy Station, Georgia
  • Sept. 29 - Nov. 3 Hood's operations in northern Georgia and northern Alabama
  • Nov. 29 Engagement at Spring Hill, Tennessee
  • Nov. 31 Battle of Franklin, Tennessee
  • Dec. 17-28 Retreat to the Tennessee River near Bridgeport, Alabama
  • Jan. 30 - April 26 Campaign of the Carolinas
  • Mar. 16 Battle of Averyborough (Taylor's Hole Creek), North Carolina
  • Mar. 19-21 Battle of Bentonville, North Carolina
  • Apr. 26 Surrender at the Bennett's house in Durham Station, North Carolina
    The composite rosters of this unit contains the names of 2123 men.

    Companies of the Florida 3rd Infantry Regiment were recruited in the counties of St. Johns, Hernando, Jefferson, Duval, Wakulla, Madison, Columbia, and Suwannee.

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