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Florida 11th Infantry Regiment

The Florida 11th Infantry Regiment was organized in June, 1864, by consolidating part of the 2nd and the 4th Florida Infantry Battalions. The 11th Florida Regiment was composed of the 4th Florida Battalion, seven companies, the companies of Captains Ochus and Robinson, of the 2nd Battalion, and Cullen's unattached company. There is some confusion in the records that makes the assignment of two of the companies in this Regiment uncertain. W. J. Robinson was Captain of Co. A; Adams A. Ochus, of Co. D; Charles Beggs, of Co. E; John Tanner, of Co. F; G. W. Bassett, of Co. G; W. E. Anderson, of Co. H; Joe J. Chaires, of Co. I; D. D. McLean, of Co. K.

The Florida 11th was active at Cold Harbor. Like the 10th the story of the 11th follows closely that of the 9th until the fateful April 6, 1864 when this Regiment with the 5th and 8th, under the command of Colonel Brevard, was sent by Colonel Lang, then in command of the Brigade, Finnegan having been transferred to Florida, by order of General Lee to protect the wagon train. These Regiments were captured by General Custer's Cavalry. The remaining men who were not captured saw action in the Petersburg siege south of the James River and the Appomattox Campaign. In April, 1865, it surrendered 4 officers and 19 men.
  • BREVARD, Theodore W. Rank in Captain. Promoted to Colonel. Promoted to Brigadier General
  • Boyle, D.S. Assistant Surgeon
  • Sample , C.S. Assistant Surgeon
  • Nathans, A.M. Qms Assistant Surgeon 9APR65
  • Brown, Z. Commissary Sergeant 9APR65
  • McClellan, James F. - Lieutenant Colonel
  • Gee, John H. - Major
  • General Finegan's Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia.
  • Battle of Cold Harbor, June 1—3, 1864.
  • Petersburg Siege, June 1864—April 1865.
  • Weldon Railroad, June 23, 1864.
  • Ream's Station, June 30, 1864.
  • Battle of Globe Tavern, August 21, 1864.
  • Battle of Belfield, December 9, 1864.
  • Battle of Hatcher's Run, February 5–7, 1865. Farmville, April 7, 1865.
  • Appomattox Court House, April 9, 1865.
    The composite rosters of this unit contains the names of 1568 men.

    Many of the men were recruited in Hendry, Jackson, and Bradford counties.

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