1st Battalion, Delaware Cavalry


The First Delaware Cavalry was organized in January, February, and May, 1862, and was mustered into service under Colonel George P. Fisher, the former congressman from Delaware. The First Delaware Cavalry served throughout the war. Company C was commanded by Captain Charles Corbit. This account relates the details of Corbit's cavalry engagement at Westminster, Maryland, about thirty miles southeast of Gettysburg. Although Corbit himself was captured, the fight sufficiently slowed Confederate General J. E. B. Stuart from meeting up with Lee's troops at Gettysburg to give effective support. The Battalion lost during service 2 Enlisted men killed and 2 Officers and 47 Enlisted men by disease. Total 51.
First Hand Account: Captain Charles Corbit's Charge at Westminister with a Squadron of the First Delaware Cavalry June 29, 1863 an Episode of the Gettysburg Campaign. Wilmington: Historical Society of Delaware, 1913. (Papers of the Historical Society of Delaware LXII).

  • Attached to 1st Separate Brigade, 8th Army Corps, Middle Dept., to June, 1863.
  • Cavalry Reserve, Defenses of Baltimore, 8th Army Corps, to October, 1863.
  • 3rd Separate Brigade, 8th Army Corps, to December, 1863.
  • Cavalry Reserve, Defenses of Baltimore, 8th Army Corps., to March, 1864.
  • 3rd Separate Brigade, 8th Army Corps, to May, 1864.
  • 1st Brigade, 1st Division, 6th Army Corps, Army of the Potomac, to July, 1864.
  • 1st Separate Brigade, 8th Army Corps, to June, 1865.

  • Duty at Wilmington, Del., till June, 1863, and in the Defenses of Baltimore, Md.
  • Engaged in provost duty at Baltimore City and in the surrounding country till June, 1864.
  • Action at Westminster June 29, 1863. (Cos. "A" and "D" in District of Delaware to December, 1863.
  • Cos. "D" and "E" in Delaware till March, 1864. Co. "E" at Havre de Grace April, 1864.)
  • Regiment ordered to Join Army of the Potomac in the field May 15, 1864.
  • Reported and assigned to 6th Army Corps June 5. Operations about Cold Harbor June 5-12.
  • Before Petersburg June 17-July 10.
  • Jerusalem Plank Road June 22-23.
  • Ream's Station June 29.
  • Assigned as guard to Artillery Brigade, 6th Army Corps, in movement to Baltimore and Washington, D.C., July 10-12.
  • Ordered to Baltimore July 14. (Co. "A" remained with Amy of the Potomac as guard to Reserve Artillery, 6th Army Corps, till September, 1864, when relieved and ordered to rejoin Regiment in Middle Department.)
  • Duty on line of the Baltimore & Ohio R. R. Picket and outpost duty and guarding fords of the Potomac from Georgetown to Point of Rocks till November, 1864.
  • (In Delaware during election of 1864.)
  • Duty on Upper Potomac and on line of the Baltimore & Ohio R. R. till June, 1865.
  • Operations in Montgomery County October 7-11, 1864. Mustered out June 30, 1865.

    The composite rosters of this unit contains the names of 1110 men. BIBLIOGRAPHY:

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