The Civil War
In Arkansas


Our objective in creating The Civil War in Arkansas CD-ROM is to gather together in one place as many of the original records as we can pertaining to the war, and Arkansas' participation.

The portions presented on line are a representative of the kinds of information contained on the CD-ROM. As a single CD-ROM can hold over 600 megabytes of data (equivalent to 300,000 typed pages), the materials found here are just a fraction of what is to be found on the CD-ROM.

    Contents of the CD-ROM

      Outline sketches of the history of all 209 military organizations formed from Arkansas

      Full regimental histories of many of the regiments - reprints of books written shortly after the war and out of print for over a hundred years

      Rosters of many of the companies showing their officers and enlisted men

      Timeline of the war in Arkansas

      Timeline of the war showing participation of Arkansas troops

      Biographies and genealogies of men from Arkansas who served in the war

      Links to on line sites with data about the war and Georgia.

      The CD-ROM is designed to be used with your internet browser accessing both local and on-line data.

      The Complete text of Confederate Military History - Vol. 9 which deals with Arkansas. This edition is fully indexed and hyperlinked to make research easy.

      Descriptions of the battles, showing regimental losses where known, and maps of the battlefields.

The Civil War in Arkansas CD-ROM
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