Bibliography for Arizona Civil War Research

The library call letters designate the book in the Arizona State Library. Items in the Arizona and Southwest Index are located either in the Arizona Collection, Labriola, Chicano Collection or the Arizona Historical Foundation. The location can be identified by the first letter in the call number. Items in the Arizona Collection are denoted by the prefix C. For Example CB BIO Hart, Pearl would be a biography in the Arizona Collection of Pearl Hart. M is for Chicano Collection, LAB is for Labriola, F is for Foundation. The second letter denotes the type of medium. B is for Biography, E is for Ephemera, and P is for photograph.

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Manuscript Collections

Paul Hubbard collection, 1945-1990 [manuscript] MS FM MSS 80

Correspondence of John William Denver, 1858-1872. FM MSM-325

Fort Leavenworth in 1861, N.D. FM MSM-98

Deposition of Captain R. S. C. Lord, October 1863. FM MSM-227

Muster Rolls of Companies "A", "E", and "F", First Arizona Infantry, 1865. FM MSM-277

Benjamin Sacks Collection at the Arizona Historical Foundation Items can be found in the Arizona and Southwest Index

Arizona: Confederate Invasion. FE SACKS 2/11

Arizona Territorial Bill & Amendments, N.D. (Bill creating Arizona Territory of the Confederacy) FE SACKS 2/12

Arizona Convention, Preamble and Resolutions, Mesilla, 1861 (Succession of Arizona from the Union) FE SACKS 2/13

Civil War Correspondence - Notes. FE SACKS 7/9

Military Records and Correspondence, 1860s. FE SACKS 6/3

Civil War - Correspondence, 1862-1864. FE SACKS 8/1

Confederate Invasion of New Mexico and Arizona. FE SACKS 8/2

Letter, July 4, 1861. FE SACKS 8/5

Confederate Western Ambitions. FE SACKS 8/6

Victory at Fort Fillmore. FE SACKS 12/17

Department of New Mexico - Letters Received, 1863. FE SACKS 20/16

Civil War Prisoners - Correspondence, 1862. FE SACKS 24/19

Correspondence Regarding Prisoners of War, 1862-1863. FE SACKS 24/20