South Carolina Military History

The South Carolina Seccessionist

Sherman's March Through South Carolina

The Brazil Migration

Following the Civil War, a number of regimental histories and personal accounts of the war were written. We have incorporated the full text of the following titles on The Civil War in South Carolina CD-ROM. The titles included are listed below.

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The Confederate Military History Vol. 5 by Ellison Capers. This is part of the 13 volume set which covers the Civil War in detail, dedicating one volume to each state's participation.

A Sketch of the War Record of the Edisto Rifles by William Valmore Izlar. This is one of the most readable and intriguing histories of the war in Virginia. Mr. Izlar was a master of the english language and combined this skill with an excellent memory of the events as they occurred. The Edisto Rifles were Company "A," 1st Regiment S. C. V. Infantry and Company "G," 25th Regiment S. C. V. Infantry.

A History of a Brigade of South Carolinians by J. F. J. Caldwell. This book is a good representation of the kinds of regimental histories written shortly after the war, and gives a detailed history of the regiments which made up the brigade known first as Gregg's then as McGowan's brigade.
The 1st SC Volunteer Infantry - Greggs
The Twelfth Volunteer Infantry
The Thirteenth Volunteer Infantry
The Fourteenth Volunteer Infantry
Orr's Regiment of Rifles

A Sketch of the Charleston Light Dragoons From the Earliest Formation of the Corps. by Edward L.Wells. The Charleston Light Dragoons were a Cavalry unit with roots going back to the Revolutionary War. This book traces the steps of the "Drags" through the Civil War from the beginning of the war to the surrender at Bentonville, NC. The book was originally written by Edward L. Wells, historian for the unit in 1888.

66 Days of Hell
Rivers Account of the Raising of the Troops in South Carolina
History of Kershaw's Brigade
A Confederate Soldier's Letters to his wife

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