Ohio Records On Line


  1. 1890 Census for Civil War Veterans and Widows - Dunham Township, Washington County, OH
  2. Ashland County Ohio pictures
  3. Benjamin Piatt Runkle, Major General United States Army
  4. Civil War Battle Map - Ohio
  5. Civil War Fallen Soldiers From Washington County, OH
  6. Civil War Medals of Ohio
  7. Colonel Manning F. Force, 20th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
  8. Department of Ohio - Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
  9. Featured Biographies and Obituaries
  10. Gallia County Military Records
  11. Historical Collections of Ohio by Henry Howe
  12. The History Notebook.com
  13. Lawrence County, Ohio in the Civil War (History of Battery L, First Ohio Light Artillery
  14. Lake County, Ohio in the Civil War
  15. Licking County History
  16. Official Johnson's Island Memorial Project The Official Project of the Johnson's Island Committee and of the Ohio Division of the UDC
  17. Ohio Civil War Artillery
  18. Ohio Historical Society: Civil War Documents
  19. Ohio in the Civil War
  20. Ohio in the Civil War Network Archive
  21. Ohio - Union Regimental Histories
  22. Reverend Emanuel Hush Yeisley 1840-1931 - Survivor of the Civil War, Cahaba Prison and the Sultana Disaster
  23. Regimental Nicknames
  24. Rootsweb OHFAIRFI-L Archives: Ohio Volunteer Infantry
  25. Ohio Prisoners at Andersonville, Georgia and Salisbury, NC Prisons 1864-1865
  26. Rootsweb: USCW-SHILOH-L Archives Charles Milton Adams Letters: 13th OH Volunteer Light Artillery
  27. Sandusky County, OH Civil War Soldiers
  28. Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War - Photos from the Past

  29. 1stOhio Infantry [References]
  30. 1st Regiment Ohio Light Artillery
  31. 1st Ohio Light Artillery, Battery L
  32. 2nd Ohio Cavalry
  33. 2nd Ohio Heavy Artillery
  34. 3rd Regiment, Ohio Cavalry
  35. 4th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Cavalry
  36. 5th Independent Ohio Sharpshooters
  37. 5th Ohio Infantry
  38. 6th Ohio Regiment, CO. K
  39. 7th Ohio Infantry
  40. 7th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry
  41. 7th Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry
  42. 8th Ohio Volunteer Infantry "Gilbralter Brigade", Army of the Potomac
  43. 8th Ohio Infantry
  44. 9th Ohio Artillery, Wetmore's Battery
  45. 11th Ohio Infantry
  46. 12th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry
  47. 12th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry
  48. 12th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry, Co. A - GAR Photo of Frank the Horse
  49. 13th Ohio Infantry - Samuel Bakers GAR Canteen and History of Unit
  50. 14th Independent Battery Ohio Light Artillery
  51. 15th Independent Battery Ohio Light Artillery
  52. 15th Ohio Infantry
  53. 16th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
  54. 17th Ohio Independent Battery
  55. 17th Ohio Infantry
  56. 18th Ohio Infantry
  57. 18th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
  58. 18th Ohio Infantry
  59. 18th Ohio Independent Battery
  60. 19th Ohio Independent Light Artillery [Shield's Battery]
  61. 19th Ohio Infantry
  62. 20th Ohio Infantry
  63. 23rdOhio Volunteer Regiment
  64. 23rdOhio Volunteer Regiment[History]
  65. 23rdOhio Volunteer Infantry Reunion at Lakeside, Ohio 1883
  66. 23rd Ohio Infantry
  67. 23rdOhio Volunteer Infantry Co B [Re-enactors page]
  68. 24thOhio Volunteer Infantry Regiment
  69. 25th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
  70. 25th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
  71. 26thOhio Volunteer Infantry - "The Ground Hog Regiment"
  72. 29thOhio Infantry
  73. 29th Ohio Infantry
  74. 30thOhio Volunteer Infantry
  75. 31stOhio Infantry
  76. 31stOhio Volunteer Infantry
  77. 32ndOhio, CO. K
  78. 34thOhio Volunteer Infantry Co. K
  79. 36thOhio Volunteer Infantry
  80. 40thOhio Volunteer Infantry Co. E
  81. 40thOhio Volunteer Infantry Co. I
  82. 41stOhio Infantry
  83. 44th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, CO. G
  84. 44thOhio Volunteer Infantry Co. G
  85. 45thOhio Volunteer Infantry
  86. 46th Regiment Company C
  87. 46th Regiment Company D
  88. 48th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
  89. 48thOhio Volunteer Infantry
  90. 49th OH Volunteer Infantry
  91. 51stOhio Volunteer Infantry Co. E
  92. 55th Ohio Veteran Volunteer Infantry (partial)
  93. 55th Ohio Veteran Volunteer Infantry (partial)
  94. 60th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
  95. 63rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry
  96. 64th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
  97. 69thOhio Volunteer Infantry Co. D
  98. 72thOhio Volunteer Infantry
  99. 75thOhio Volunteer Infantry
  100. 77thOhio Infantry, Co. F
  101. 80thOhio Volunteer Infantry
  102. 93rdRegiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry
  103. 94thOhio Volunteer Infantry Co. F
  104. 100th Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry
  105. 103rd Regiment, Company K, Ohio Volunteer Infantry
  106. 105th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
  107. 110th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Company B
  108. 113th Ohio Infantry Regiment Company H
  109. 115th Regiment, Company K, Ohio Volunteer Infantry
  110. 120th OH Volunteer Infantry Co. H
  111. 125th Ohio "Opdycke Tigers"
  112. 125th Ohio Regimental History "Opdycke Tigers"
  113. 141st St. Regt. Ohio Infantry, Co. C - A list of those who applied for Civil War Pensions - Athens County, Ohio Soldiers
  114. 152ndOhio Volunteer Infantry Co. C
  115. 152ndOhio Volunteer Infantry Co. F
  116. 152ndOhio Volunteer Infantry Co. H
  117. 152ndOhio Volunteer Infantry Co. I
  118. 154th Regiment of Ohio Volunteer Infantry
  119. 155th Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry
  120. 174th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
  121. 175th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Featured Books & CD-ROMS
The Official Records of the American Civil War
The Official Records - Naval Subset
Dyer, Frederick H.
A Compendium of the War of the Rebellion

The Southern Historical Society Papers
Heitman's Historical Dictionary of U.S. Army Officers
Phisterer, Frederick
Statistical Record of the Armies of the United States
Cox, Jacob
Cranmer, Jesse Grant
Letters of Ulysses S. Grant to His Father and his youngest sister. - 218 pgs.
Cox, Jacob D. The March to the Sea, Franklin and Nashville
Nicolay, John G.
The Outbreak of the Rebellion
Illinois Adjutant General's Office
Histories of Illinois Civil War Regiments and Units
Force, M. F.
From Fort Henry to Corinth
Lunt, George
The Origin of the Late War
Confederate Military History

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