13th Regiment, Vermont Infantry

The Vermont 13th Infantry Regiment was organized at Brattleboro October 10, 1862, for nine months. Moved to Washington, D.C., October 11-13. It served in the eastern theater, predominantly in the Defenses of Washington, from October 1862 to August 1863. It was a member of the 2nd Vermont Brigade.

The Regiment lost during service 1 Officer and 16 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 4 Officers and 55 Enlisted men by disease. Total 76.
The regiment's commander, Colonel Francis V. Randall of Braintree, had served with the 2nd Vermont Infantry. Lieutenant Colonel Andrew W. Brown had no previous military experience. Major Lawrence D. Clark had served as captain of Co. A, 1st Vermont Infantry. Clark resigned in March 1863 because of impaired health, and was replaced by Captain Joseph J. Boynton, of Company C. Brown resigned in May 1863, and was succeeded by Captain William D. Munson, of Company D. James Stevens Peck, originally a second lieutenant in Company I, was subsequently appointed regimental adjutant. ASSIGNMENTS:
Attached to and Brigade, Abercrombie's Division, Military District of Washington, to February, 1863. 2nd Brigade, Casey's Division, 22nd Army Corps, to April, 1863. 2nd Brigade. Abercrombie's Division, 22nd Army Corps, to July, 1863. 3rd Brigade, 3rd Division, 1st Army Corps, Army of the Potomac, July, 1863. SERVICE:
At Camp Chase, Arlington, Va.. October 25-28, 1862, and at East Capital Hill until October 30. March to Munson's Hill October 30, thence to Hunting Creek November 5. At Camp Vermont, near Hunting Creek, until November 26. Picket duty near Occoquan Creek until December 5. At Camp Vermont until December 12. Picket duty near Fairfax Court House until January 20, 1863. Defence of Fairfax Court House from attack by Stuart's Cavalry December 29. 1862. Duty at Wolf Run Shoals January 20-April 2. Guard duty at Occoquan Creek until June 25. March to Gettysburg. Pa., June 25-July 1. Battle of Gettysburg July 1-3. Pursuit of Lee to Middletown, Md., July 4-8. Left front July 8 and moved to Brattleboro, Vt., July 8-13. Mustered out July 21, 1863. ROSTERS:
The composite rosters of this unit contain the names of 1188 men.

  • Company A, Emmett Guards of Burlington, Captain John Lonergan.
  • Company B, Waitsfield, Company, Captain Orcas C. Wilder.
  • Company C, East Montpelier, Company, Captain Lewis L. Coburn.
  • Company D, Colchester, Company, Captain William D. Munson.
  • Company E, Morristown, Company, Captain Joseph J. Boynton.
  • Company F, Richmond, Company, Captain John L. Yale.
  • Company G, Bakersfield, Company, Captain Marvin White.
  • Company H, Lafayette Artillery of Calais, Captain William V. Peck.
  • Company I, Montpelier, Company, Captain John M. Thacher.
  • Company K, Highgate, Company, Captain George S. Blake.
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