County Cross Reference



Dixie Artillery (Booton's/Chapman's)
Eighth Star Artillery (Rice's)
Co. D, 7th VA Cav. Capt. Macon Jordan's Co.
Co. K, 10th VA Inf., Page Volunteers.
Co. H, 33rd VA Inf., Page Grays
Co. B, 8th Battn. VA Res., Page Res.
Capt. Thomas Keyser's Co. Page Co. Res.
97th Virginia Militia

Note: Robert Moore, II has prepared an excellent web site for the Confederate soldiers of Page County, Virginia. Check it out by clicking anywhere above.


Co. D, Wise Legion Arty. Mountain Artillery,
Battery, Stuart's Horse Artillery 1st Co.
Co. I, 24th VA Inf., Capt. Andrew M. Lybrook's Co.
Co. H, 42nd VA Inf., Patrick Henry Volunteers
Co. H, 58th VA Inf., Patrick Grays
Co. I, 5th Battn. VA Inf., Capt. Abram David Reynolds' Co.


Co. A, 18th VA Cav., Capt. William Hammond Taylor's Co.
Co. G2, 18th VA Cav., Capt. William Dickinson Ervin's Co.
Co. E1, 25th VA Inf., Pendleton Rifles, Became Co. I, 62nd VA Inf.
Co. E2, 25th VA Inf., Capt. George H. Smith's Co.
Co. F1, 25th VA Inf., Franklin Guards Became Co. F, 62nd VA Inf.
Co. K1, 25th VA Inf., South Branch Riflemen, Became Co. E2, 18th VA Cav.
Co. K2, 25th VA Inf., Pendleton Minute Men, Previously Co. B1, 31st VA Inf.
Co. C, 62nd VA Inf., Capt. Absalom H. Nelson's Co.
Co. D, 62nd VA Inf., Capt. Solomon Flesher's Co.
Co. F, 62nd VA Inf., Franklin Guards
Co. I, 62nd VA Inf., Pendleton Rifles
Co. K, 62nd VA Inf., Capt. James H. Carrickhoff's Co.


Cockade Artillery (Rambaut's/Black's)
Petersburg Horse Artillery (Nichols'/Graham's)
Co. C, 18th Battn. VA Heavy Art., Cockade Mounted Battery.
Co. D, 5th VA Cav., Petersburg Cavalry, Became Co. B, 13th VA Cav.
Co. D, 5th VA Cav., Petersburg Rangers
Co. E, 13th VA Cav., Cockade Cavalry
Co. E, 3rd VA Inf., Cockade Rifles
Co. A2, 9th VA Inf., Confederate Guard
Co. A, 12th VA Inf., Petersburg City Guards
Co. B, 12th VA Inf., Petersburg Greys #1
Co. C, 12th VA Inf., Petersburg Greys #2
Co. D, 12th VA Inf., Lafayette Guard
Co. E, 12th VA Inf., Petersburg Riflemen
Co. K, 12th VA Inf., Archer Rifles.
Co. K, 16th VA Inf., Lee's Life Guard, Became Petersburg Artillery.
Co. C, 41st VA Inf., McRae Rifle Guards
Co. E2, 41st VA Inf., Confederate Cadets
Co. G2, 41st VA Inf., Ragland Guard
Co. A, 44th Battn. VA Inf., Capt. William E. Hinton, Jr's Co.
Co. B, 44th Battn. VA Inf., Capt. Thomas W. Branch's Co.
Co. C, 44th Battn. VA Inf., Capt. A. B. Morrison's Co.
Co. D, 44th Battn. VA Inf., Capt. William E. Hinton's Co.
Co. E, 44th Battn. VA Inf., Capt. Willam Thomas, Jr.'s Co.
Capt. Thomas A. Chappell's Co., VA LDT.
Co. A, 3rd Battn. VA Res., Petersburg Res.
Co. D, 3rd Battn. VA Res., Petersburg Res.
Co. E, 3rd Battn. VA Res., Petersburg Res.
Co. F, 3rd Battn. VA Res., Petersburg Res.


Danville Artillery (Shumaker's/Wooding's/Rice's/Price's)
Pittsylvania Artillery (Lewis'/Pennick's)
Co. B, 13th Battn. VA Art., Danville-Ringgold Artillery
Co. E2, 6th VA Cav., Pittsylvania Dragoons.
Co. A, 18th VA Inf., Danville Blues
Co. B, 18th VA Inf., Danville Greys
Co. I, 18th VA Inf., Spring Garden Blues
Co. I, 21st VA Inf., Turkey Cock Grays
Co. H, 21st VA Inf., Chalk Level Grays.
Co. A, 38th VA Inf., Capt. Daniel C. Townes' Co.
Co. B, 38th VA Inf., Capt. John R. Cabell's Co.
Co. C, 38th VA Inf., Laurel Grove Riflemen
Co. D, 38th VA Inf., Whitmell Guards
Co. E, 38th VA Inf., Capt. Joseph R. Cabell's Co.
Co. H, 38th VA Inf., Secession Guards
Co. K, 38th VA Inf., Cascade Rifles
Co. C2, 46th VA Inf., Pigg River Invincibles
Co. I, 53rd VA Inf., Chatham Grays
Co. G, 53rd VA Inf., Logan Guards
Co. D, 57th VA Inf., Galveston Tigers
Co. E, 57th VA Inf., Pigg River Greys
Co. F, 57th VA Inf., Henry and Pittsylvania Rifles
Co. G, 57th VA Inf., Ladies Guard
Co. I, 57th VA Inf., Pittsylvania Life Guards
Capt. W. Hays Otey's Co., VA LDT.
Co. A, 5th Battn. VA Res., Capt. Cabell Hairston's Co.
Co. C, 5th Battn. VA Res., Capt. R. G. Moorman's Co.
Co. E, 5th Battn. VA Res., Capt. J. P. Sykes' Co.
Co. F, 5th Battn. VA Res., Capt. W. D. Perkins' Co.
Co. G, 5th Battn. VA Res., Capt. Christopher Arrington's Co.
Co. H, 5th Battn. VA Res., Capt. John D. Rice's Co.



Co. F, 19th VA Cav., Capt. William L. McNeil's Co., Prev. McNeil's Co., Fontaine's Regt., VSL.
Co. I, 19th VA Cav., Capt. Jacob Williamson Marshall's Co., Prev. Marshall's Co., Fontaine's Regt., VSL.
Co. I2, 25th VA Inf., Capt. Daniel A. Stofer's Co.
Co. G, 31st VA Inf., Capt. James Arbogast's Co.


Portsmouth Light Artillerry (Grimes'/Thompson's)
Co. A, 3rd VA Inf., Dismal Swamp Rangers
Co. B, 3rd VA Inf., Virginia Rifles.
Co. H, 3rd VA Inf., National Greys
Co. E1, 6th VA Inf., Company "R"
Co. D, 9th VA Inf., Virginia Artillery
Co. G, 9th VA Inf., Portsmouth Rifles
Co. K, 9th VA Inf., Old Dominion Guards.
Co. G1, 41st VA Inf., Billsoly Blues Became Co. I, 61st VA Inf.
Co. D, 61st VA Inf., Jackson Light Infantry


Powh atan Artillery (Dance's)
Co. E, 4th VA Cav., Powhatan Troop.
Co. D, 20th VA Inf., Powhatan Rifles
Co. I3, 59th VA Inf., Loch Leven Artillery, Capt. Robert G. Mosby's Co.
Co. I, 1st VA Res., Powhatan Res.


Co. C, 19th VA Cav., Capt. Joseph R. Kessler's Co. Previously Co. D, 3rd VSL.


Co. K, 3rd VA Cav., Prince Edward Dragoons
Co. D, 18th VA Inf., Prospect Rifle Grays
Co. F, 18th VA Inf., Farmville Guard
Co. G, 20th VA Inf., Hampden-Sydney Boys
Co. I, 23rd VA Inf., Central Guards
Co. G, 44th VA Inf., Randolph Guard
Co. B, 1st VA Res., Prince Edward Res.
Co. D, 3rd VA Res., Prince Edward Res.


Brandon Artillery (Allen's) company
Co. F, 5th VA Cav., Prince George Cavalry, Became Co. F, 13th VA Cav.
Co. C, 5th Battn. VA Inf., Prince George Rifle Rangers
Co. C, 3rd Battn. VA Res., Prince George Res.


Co. A, 4th VA Cav., Prince William Cavalry
Co. H, 15th VA Cav., Capt. William G. Brawner's Co.
Co. C, 8th VA Inf., Evergreen Guards
Co. D, 8th VA Inf., Champe Rifles
Co. F, 17th VA Inf., Prince William Rifles
Co. A, 49th VA Inf., Ewell Guards
Co. B, 49th VA Inf., Quantico Guards


Co. A, 5th VA Cav., Princess Anne Cav. became Co. K, 15th VA Cav.
Co. I, 5th VA Cav., Chesapeake Cavalry
Co. C, 15th VA Cav., Capt. Edward W. Capp's Co.
Co. I, 15th VA Cav., Capt. Wilson M. Bonney's Co.
Co. B2, 6th VA Inf., Princess Anne Grays.
Co. F, 6th VA Inf., Seaboard Rifles
Co. G, 16th VA Inf., Atlantic Guard
Capt. David H. Bright's Co., VA LDT.
Capt. John T. Caffee's Co., VA LDT.


Co. C, 4th VA Inf., Pulaski Guards
Co. E, 24th VA Inf., Capt. William W. Bentley's Co.
Co. I, 50th VA Inf., Capt. Thomas Poage's Co.

Co. F, 54th VA Inf., Capt. William J. Jordan's Co.
Captain John S. Mooreman's Co., Provost Guard, Dublin.
Co. C, 4th Res., Pulaski Res.
158th Regiment Militia


Co. D, 16th VA Cav., Capt. Joseph W. Morris' Co.

Co. A, 36th VA Inf., Buffalo Guards
Co. C, 36th VA Cav. Battn., Capt. Morris Kirtley's Co.
P. M. Carpenter's Co., Swann's Battn.

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