County Cross Reference



Halifax Light Artillery (Young's)
Halifax Heavy Artillery (Wright's)
Charlotte Staunton Hill Artillery Most of this company was from neighboring Charlotte County, but a few were from Halifax County.
Co. C, 3rd VA Cav., Black Walnut Dragoons
Co. H, 3rd VA Cav., Catawba Troop
Co. G, 6th VA Cav., Halifax Cavalry
Co. K2, 3rd VA Inf., Halifax Rifles.
Co. G1, 14th VA Inf., Mount Vernon Guard
Co. H, 14th VA Inf., Meadville Grays
Co. K, 14th VA Inf., Dan River Rifles
Co. H, 20th VA Inf., Clover Rifles
Co. K, 20th VA Inf., South of Dan Rebels
Became Co. C3, 59th VA Inf.
Co. E, 23rd VA Inf., Brooklyn Grays
Co. K, 26th VA Inf., Capt. Daniel B. Easley's Co.
Co. F, 34th VA Inf.,
Co. F, 38th VA Inf., Davis Rifle Guards
Co. A, 53rd VA Inf., Halifax Light Infantry
Co. E3, 59th VA Inf., Bruce Guards

The 1909 Halifax County Pension List


Co. F, 7th VA Cav. Capt. George Sheetz' Co.
Co. D, 11th VA Cav., Capt. Edward H. McDonald's Co.
Co. B, 18th VA Cav., Capt. George W. Stump's Co.
Co. C, 18th VA Cav., Capt. Mathias Ginevan's Co.
Co. F, 18th VA Cav., Capt. Robert Bruce Muse's Co.
Co. H, 18th VA Cav., Capt. Francis Marion Imboden's Co.
Co. I, 18th VA Cav., Capt. Jacob Warden's Co.
Co. K, 18th VA Cav., Capt. Alexander W. Monroe's Co.
Co. I, 13th VA Inf., Frontier Rifles
Co. K, 13th VA Inf., Hampshire Guard
Co. A, 33rd VA Inf., Potomac Guards
Co. H, 62nd VA Inf., Capt. Mortimer C. Johnson's Co.

When War Came to Hampshire County



Ashland Artillery (Woolfolk's)
Hanover Light Artillery (Nelson's)
Co. G, 4th VA Cav., Hanover Light Dragoons
Co. C, 15th VA Inf., Patrick Henry Rifles
Co. E, 15th VA Inf., Ashland Grays.
Co. I, 15th VA Inf., Hanover Grays
Co. K, 56th VA Inf., Harrison's Guards
Capt. Linnaeus B. Anderson's Co., VA LDT.


John H. McNeill's Co. Partisan Rangers.
Co. B, 11th VA Cav., Capt. William H. Harness' Co.
Co. B, 18th VA Cav., Capt. George W. Stump's Co.
Co. H, 18th VA Cav., Capt. Francis Marion Imboden's Co.
Co. H1, 25th VA Inf., Hardy Blues, Became Co. B, 62nd VA Inf.
Co. K1, 25th VA Inf., South Branch Riflemen, Became Co. E2, 18th VA Cav.
Co. F, 33rd VA Inf., Independent Greys
Co. B, 62nd VA Inf., Hardy Blues


Co. B, 17th VA Cav., Capt. Thomas D. Armesy's Co.
Co. K, 17th VA Cav., Capt. A. B. Pifer's Co.
Co. D, 19th VA Cav., Capt. John Righter's Co. Previously Co. C, 3rd VSL.
Co. E, 20th VA Cav., Capt. John W. Young's Co.
Co. F, 20th VA Cav., Capt. Asbury Lewis' Co.
Co. C, 31st VA Inf., Harrison Rifles, Capt. Uriel M. Turner's Co.


Henrico Artillery (Sands'/Ritter's)
Co. I, 10th VA Cav., Henrico Light Dragoons
Co. A, 24th VA Cav., Capt. B. W. Green's Co.
Co. B, 24th VA Cav., Capt. William M. McGrunder's Co.
Co. D, 5th Battn. VA Inf., Varina Artillery
Co. G, 1st VA Inf., Capt. William H. Gordon's Co.
Co. A, 15th VA Inf., Henrico Grays.
Co. D, 15th VA Inf., Henrico Guard
Co. G, 15th VA Inf., Southern Guard
Also see Richmond City


Co. H, 24th VA Inf., Henry Guards
Co. A, 42nd VA Inf., Henry Volunteers
Co. F, 42nd VA Inf., Leatherwood Fencibles
Co. G, 42nd VA Inf., Capt. William W. Morris' Co.
Co. F, 57th VA Inf., Henry and Pittsylvania Rifles


Co. G2, 18th VA Cav., Capt. William Dickinson Ervin's Co.
Co. C, 20th VA Cav., Capt. Elihu Hutton's Co.
Co. D, 20th VA Cav., Capt. Edward M. Corder's Co. 3/4
Co. F2, 25th VA Inf., Highland Rangers
Co. B2, 31st VA Inf., Capt. Robert H. Bradshaw's Co.
Co. E, 31st VA Inf., The Highlanders
Co. A, 62nd VA Inf., Valley Rifles
Co. D, 10th Battn. VA Inf., Highland Res.


Co. A, 19th Battn. VA Hvy Art., Capt. James F. Chalmers' Co.
Co. I2, 3rd VA Inf., James River Artillery
Co. E, 9th VA Inf., Isle of Wight Blues
Co. D, 16th VA Inf., Isle of Wight Rifle Grays
Co. F, 61st VA Inf., Isle of Wight Avengers

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