Military History


  • The Diary of Harvey Bear - Capt. Hamilton's Company, Virginia Local Defense.
  • The following books are included on The Civil War in Virginia CD-ROM.

  • Confederate Military History - Virginia Volume
  • Hopkins, Luther - From Bull Run to Appomattox.

  • Opie, John N. - A Rebel Cavalryman with Lee Stuart and Jackson

  • Beale, Brig. Gen. R. L. T. - History of the Ninth Virginia Cavalry

  • Beale, G. W. - A Lieutenant of Cavalry in Lee's Army

  • Crocker, James F. - Prison Reminiscences

  • Blackford, Georga M. - Annals of the Lynchburg Home Guard

  • Baylor, George - Bull Run to Bull Run or Four Years in the Army of Northern Virginia

  • Brown, Philip F. - Reminiscences of the War 1861-1865

  • Keiley, A. M. - In Vinculis, of The Prisoner of War

  • Wise, George - History of the 17th Virginia Infantry

  • Poe, Capt. David - Personal Reminiscences of the Civil War

  • Worsham, John H. - One of Jackson's Foot Cavalry

  • King, John R. - My Experience in the Confederate Army and Northern Prisons

  • Myers, Frank M. - The Comanches, A History of White's Battalion, Virginia Cavalry

  • Dunaway, Rev. Wayland Fuller - Reminisces of a Rebel

    The Civil War in Virginia

    Confederate Military History - Virginia Volume
    1354 pgs.

    From Bull Run to Appomattox

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