Utah Civil War Sites

In November of 2017, Ancestry dumped 25 years of genealogy materials accumulated by the Rootsweb volunteers. Over the past 8 months we have monitored their blogs as they promised repeatedly that the data would be restored. I do not think that it will happen at this point as they now have Rootsweb directing to a generic Ancestry advertising page.

What that means for us is that hundreds of links on these pages are now bad. Please be patient as we try to recover the information. Unfortunately we do not have the resources to work on the genealogy data beyond our focus on the Civil War. Contact Us or friend ResearchOnLine on Facebook for periodic notes on our progress.

New Links - March 2019:
  • Utah and the Civil War Press
  • The Mormons Sit Out the Civil War
  • A Question of Loyalty: Utah & the American Civil War
  • Links Recovered - March 2019:
  • The Civil War in Utah
  • New Links - September 2018:
  • Wikipedia article
  • The Mormons Sit Out the Civil War
    Links Checked - September 2018:
  • Utah FREE Digital Library
  • For Additional Research