Texas Civil War Records on Line

  1. 1883 Wagon Train Settlers from Calvert, Robertson County to Cedar Gap, Taylor County, TX.
  2. 1890 Hood County, TX Census Index of Civil War Veterans or their Widows
  3. 1907 Census of Confederate Soldiers - Blount County. [includes numerous states]
  4. 4th Texas Volunteers, Co. C; The Westernmost Campaign of the Civil War - New Mexico Territory 1861-1862
  5. Benton County, TN - Tragedy at Duck Hill Station [includes names from various states]
  6. Camp Ford, CSA
  7. Civil War in the West [includes states of AR, CA, CO, NM,OR,TX and much more]
  8. Confederate Indigent Families List (1863-1865) From the Texas State Library and Archives Commission
  9. Confederate Marker, Jackson County, TX.
  10. Confederate Soldiers and the War Between the States in Northeast Texas
  11. Colorado County Confederate Soldiers This page by Nesbitt Memorial Library.
  12. Grayson County TXGenWeb Confederate Forces and Links
  13. Hill's Lamar Cavalry No. 2
  14. Hood County, Texas in the Civil War
  15. Hood County, Texas, Confederate Veterans Roster
  16. Illustrated History of the 4th Texas Infantry
  17. Maxey's Lamar Rifles
  18. Military Records in Parker County
  19. Milam County, TX in the Civil War
  20. Mill's County, TX Civil War Veterans Index of CSA Vetern Pension Applications
  21. Milton Webb's Lamar Cavalry
  22. Milton Webb's Lamar Mounted Volunteers
  23. Navarro County Civil War Rosters Index
  24. Randys Texas (lists numerous Civil War Units and biographies)
  25. Smith County, TX Genealogy Forum
  26. Smith County, Texas Records
  27. Smith County, Texas: Political Graveyard
  28. Somervell County, TX.
  29. Texans in the Civil War
  30. Texas Confederate Flag Project
  31. Texas Confederate Pension Index
  32. Texas Civil War Pension Records
  33. Texas Confederate Military Organizations by Local Designations
  34. Texas Confederate Journals Cavalry Regiment Page
  35. 8th Texas Cavalry, Terry's Texas Rangers Information, roster & reenactment
  36. Texas in the Civil War Message Board
  37. Texas Military Monument located in Vicksburg, MS
  38. Texas Regiments
  39. Texas Union Regimental Histories
  40. Texas Veteran Photo: Cass County TX Veteran Association
  41. Texas Veteran Photo: Dallas Texas, Tom Green Brigade, Confederate Veterans Reunion 1902
  42. Tyler-Smith County History
  43. Union Soldiers Executed Sequential Order
  44. Victoria County Civil War Muster Rolls

  45. 1st Texas Infantry, Co. D, Texas Guards, CSA
  46. 1st Texas Sharpshooters, CSA
  47. 1st Texas Volunteer Infantry Regiment
  48. 2nd Texas Cavalry - Gidding's Bn. Co. B
  49. 2nd Texas Cavalry Co. K
  50. 2nd Texas Infantry
  51. 2nd Partisan Rangers Regiment of Texas
  52. 3rd Texas Cavalry
  53. 3rd Texas Cavalry, Co. F
  54. 4thTexas Cavalry, CO. C
  55. 5thTexas Company E - Dixie Blues [re-enactor group with original roster]
  56. 5thTexas Partisan Cavalry Regiment
  57. 6th Texas Cavalry Regiment, The Lancaster Guards, Company F
    ("Stone's Regiment")Part of Ross' Texas Brigade
  58. 7th Mounted Volunteer Regiment, Co E, Trinity County, TX, CSA 1861
  59. 8th Texas Cavalry "Terry's Texas Rangers"
  60. 9th Brigade, Texas Militia, Texas State Troops
  61. 9th Texas Artillery, CSA
  62. 9th Texas Field Artillery, CSA
  63. 9th Texas Cavalry, CSA
  64. 9th Texas Infantry
  65. 10th Texas Cavalry, CSA
  66. 11th Texas Cavalry
  67. 11th Texas Cavalry (Co A&B Cooke County; Co C Grayson County; Co D Hopkins County; Co E Red River County; Co F Fannin County; Co G Collin County; Co H Hunt County; Company I Titus County; Co K Bowie County)
  68. 16th Texas Cavalry, CO. H
  69. 16th Texas Infantry Muster Roll
  70. 18th Texas Infantry Muster Roll
  71. 20th Texas Infantry, CO. D (Partial List)
  72. 22nd Texas Infantry Muster Roll
  73. 23rd Texas Cavalry Regiment
  74. 24th Regiment Texas Cavalry, Co. B
  75. 25th Texas Cavalry, CO. C
  76. 25th Texas Cavalry, CO. D
  77. 27th Texas Cavalry, CSA
  78. 28th Texas Cavalry
  79. 29th Texas Cavalry Muster Roll
  80. 34th Texas Cavalry, CSA
  81. 37th Texas Cavalry (Terrell's) CSA

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