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The following books are included on The Civil War in Texas but are not on line.

The Confederate Military History Vol. 5 by Ellison Capers. This is part of the 13 volume set which covers the Civil War in detail, dedicating one volume to each state's participation.

Hughes, W. E. - The Journal of a Grandfather

Barron, S. B. - The Lone Star Defenders

Polk, J. M. - The Confederate Soldier and Ten Years in South America

Dodd, Ephraim Shelby - Diary of Ephraim Shelby Dodd

Sparks, A. W. - The War Between the States as I Saw It

Graves, H. A. - Andrew Jackson Potter, the Fighting Parson of the Texas Frontier

Williams, E. W. - With the Border Ruffians

The Civil War in Texas

Confederate Military History - Texas

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