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The Civil War in Texas

Time Line of the War in Texas

DATE                       DESCRIPTION                                                   FEDERAL TROOPS ENGAGED

Feb. 1	Adoption Secession Ordinance	By State.
Feb. 16	Seizure of San Antonio Arsenal	By State Troops.
Feb. 18	Surrender of U.S. Posts in Texas	By Gen. Twiggs.
Feb. 21	Destruction of U.S. property at Brazos Santiago 	
Feb. 21	Abandonment of Camp Cooper	By U.S. Troops.
Feb. 26	Abandonment of Camp Colorado	By U.S. Troops.
March 6	Surrender of Fort Brown	
March 7	Abandonment of Ringgold Barracks	By U.S. Troops.
March 7	Abandonment of Camp Verde	By U.S. Troops.
March 9	Abandonment of Fort Lancaster	By U.S. Troops.
March 12	Abandonment of Fort Mcintosh	By U.S. Troops.
March 15	Abandonment of Camp Wood	By U.S. Troops.
March 17	Abandonment of Camp Hudson	By U.S. Troops.
March 19	Abandonment of Forks Clarke and Inge	By U.S. Troops.
March 20	Abandonment of Forts Brown and Duncan.	By U.S. Troops.
March 28	Abadonment of Fort Chadbourne	By U.S. Troops.
March 29	Abandonment of Fort Mason	By U.S. Troops.
March 31	Abandonment of Fort Bliss	By U.S. Troops.
April --.	Abandonment of Fort Stockton	By U.S. Troops.
April 5	Abandonment of Fort Quitman	By U.S. Troops.
April 13	Abandonment of Fort Davis	By U.S. Troops.
April 25	Surrender at Saluria	UNITED STATES--1st (2 Cos.), 3d (3 Cos.) and 8th (2 Cos.) Infantry.
April 25	Surrender at Indianola	 Of U.S. Troops.
May 9	Surrender at San Lucas Springs	UNITED STATES---8th Infantry.
Aug. --	Operations at Fort Bliss	Confederate Forces, against Indians.
Oct. 11-16	Operations at Fort Inge	Confederate Forces, against Indians.
Nov. 1	Skirmish, Peosi River	 Confederate Forces, with Indians.
Nov. 7	Burning of Royal Yatch, Galveston	 UNITED STATES--Crew of Frigate "Santee." Union loss, 1 killed, 8 wounded. Total, 9.
Feb. 11-13	Operations at Aransas Pass	U.S. Navy.
April 5-6	Affair, San Luis Pass	U.S. Navy.
May 14-15	Operations at Galveston	U.S. Navy.
Aug. 10	Affair on Neuces River, near Fort Clarke..	TEXAS--Loyalists. Union loss, 2 killed, 18 wounded, 2 missing. Total, 22.
Aug. 11	Affair, Velasco	U.S. Navy.
Aug. 16-18	Bombardment, Corpus Christi	U.S. Navy.
Sept. 13-14	Operations at Flour Bluff near Corpus Christi	U.S. Navy.
Sept. 24-25	Engagement, Sabine Pass	U.S. Navy.
Oct. 5	Capture of Galveston	U.S. Navy.
Oct. 29	Affair, Sabine Pass	U.S. Navy.
Dec. 24	Occupation of Galveston	MASSACHUSETTS---42d Infantry.
Jan. 1	Engagement, Galveston	MASSACHUSETTS--42d Infantry (Cos. "D," "G" and "I"). VERMONT--2d Battery Light Artillery. UNITED STATES---Gunboats "Clifton," "Westfield," "Owasco," "Harriet Lane," "Sachem" and "Coryphaeus." Union loss, 400 killed, wounded an
d missing.
Jan. 3	Skirmish, Galveston	TEXAS--1st Cavalry.
Jan. 21	Affair, Sabine Pass	U.S. Navy. Attack on Blockading Squadron.
Feb. 10	Affair, Wachita Indian Agency	Loyal Delawares and Shawnees.
March 2-30	Expedition to the Rio Grande	TEXAS--1st Cavalry.
April 18	Action, Sabine Pass	U.S. Navy. Gunboats "Cayuga" and "New London." Union loss, 1 killed, 5 wounded, 5 missing. Total, 11.
May 3	Affair, St. Joseph's Island	U.S. Navy.
May 30	Affair, Point Isabel	U.S. Navy.
Sept. 8	Action, Sabine Pass	NEW YORK--75th and 161st Infantry. Union loss, 30
	killed and wounded, 200 missing.	Total, 230.
Nov. 2	Occupation of Brazos de Santiago Island..	IOWA--19th Infantry.
Nov. 6	Occupation of Point Isabel	IOWA--20th Infantry.
Nov. 6	Occupation of Brownsville	IOWA--19th Infantry. MAINE--13th Infantry. MISSOURI-Battery "B," 1st Light Artillery. WISCONSIN--20th Infantry.
Nov. 17	Capture of Aransas	IOWA--26th Infantry. MAINE--13th and 15th Infantry.
Nov. 17	Capture of Mustang Island, Aransas Pass..	IOWA--26th and 34th Infantry. MAINE--13th and 15th Infantry. MISSOURI--Battery "F," 1st Light Artillery.
Nov. 23	Skirmish, Cedar Bayou	MAINE--15th Infantry (Detachment).
Nov. 23-Dec. 2...	Expedition to Rio Grande City	ILLINOIS--37th Infantry (7 Cos.).
Nov. 27-30	Action and capture, Fort Esperanza	ILLINOIS--33d and 99th Infantry. INDIANA--8th and 18th Infantry. IOWA--23d, 26th and 34th Infantry. MAINE--13th and 15th Infantry. MICHIGAN--Battery "G," 1st Light Artillery. MISSOURI--Battery "F," 1st Light A
rtillery. Union loss, 1 killed, 2 wounded. Total, 3.
Dec. 29	Action, Matagorda Peninsula	MAINE--13th Infantry (Cos. "C," "H" and "K"). U.S. Gunboat "Sciota."
Jan. 8-9	Bombardment, Caney Bayou Works	U. S. Gunboats.
Jan. 21-25	Reconnoissance on Matagorda Peninsula...	ILLINOIS--Mercantile Battery Light Artillery; 77th Infantry. INDIANA--67th Infantry. KENTUCKY--19th Infantry. MAINE--13th Infantry. MISSOURI--Battery "F," 1st Light Artillery (Detachment).WISCONSIN--23d 
Feb. 7	Affair, Caney Bayou	(No Details.)
Feb. 11	Affair, Lamar	IOWA--22d Infantry (Detachment).
Feb. 22	Affair, Indianola	Detachment Mounted Infantry.
March 13	Skirmish, Los Patricios	TEXAS--Unionists.
March 16	Action, Santa Rosa	TEXAS--2d Cavalry.
March 17	Affair, Corpus Christi	U.S. Navy.
March 19	Attack on Laredo	Confederate Reports.
March 21	Affair, Velasco	(No Reports.)
March 24	Affair, Corpus Christi	IOWA--22d Infantry (Detachment).
April 12-13	Expedition up Matagorda Bay	U.S. Gunboats and Detachment Infantry.
May 11-14	Expedition from Brazos Santiago	INDIANA--34th Infantry. TEXAS--2d Cavalry. UNITED STATES--62d Colored Infantry.
June 15	Evacuation of Pass Cavallo	ILLINOIS--99th Infantry.
June 19	Affair, Eagle Pass	TEXAS--Unionists. 
 June 25 Skirmish, Rancho Las Rinas TEXAS--1st Cavalry. Union loss, 3 killed, 4 wounded. Total, 7. 
July 23 Skirmish, Brownsville NEW YORK--18th Cavalry. 
July 26-27 Skirmishes, Brownsville TEXAS--1st Cavalry. 
Aug. 2 Skirmish, White Ranch TEXAS--1st Cavalry. 
Aug. 4-15 Operations near Brazos Santiago ILLINOIS--91st Infantry. IOWA--19th Infantry. TEXAS--1st Cavalry. UNITED STATES--81st Colored Infantry. 
Aug. 9 Skirmish, Point Isabel UNITED STATES--81st Colored Infantry (Detachment). 
Aug. 14 Skirmish, Clarksville NEW YORK--18th Cavalry (Cos. "A" and "F"). 
Sept. 6 Skirmish, Palmetto Ranch, near Brazos Santiago ILLINOIS--91st Infantry. MISSOURI--1st Light Artillery (Detachment). TEXAS--1st Cavalry (Detachment). 
Oct. 13 Skirmish, Elm Creek TEXAS--Border Regiment Cavalry. 
Oct. 13-20 Operations against Indians near Fort Belknap TEXAS--Border Regiment Cavalry. Oct. 14 Skirmish, Bocca Chica Pass ILLINOIS--91st Infantry. 
Nov. 24 Skirmish, Brent's Old Fort CALIFORNIA--1st Cavalry (1 Co.). Union loss, 10 wounded, 2 missing. Total, 12. 
Jan. 8 Action, Dove Creek TEXAS--State Troops, with Indians. 
May 12-13 Skirmishes, Palmetto Ranch INDIANA--34th Infantry. TEXAS--2d Cavalry. UNITED STATES--62d Colored Infantry. Union loss, 118 killed, wounded and missing. 
May 13 Skirmish, White's Ranch INDIANA--34th Infantry. TEXAS--2d Cavalry. UNITED STATES--62d Colored Infantry. 

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