South Carolina Civil War Photos

219. Confederate Torpedoes, Shot, and Shell in the Arsenal Yard - Charleston, SC, 1865

223. Lieutenant Commander Edward Barrett and Lieutenant Cornelius N. Schoonmaker of the U.S. Monitor Catskill at Battery Bee, Sullivan's Island, Charleston Harbor, 1865

254. Deck and Officers of U.S.S. Monitor Catskill, Lieutenant  Commander Edward Barrett Seated on the Turret  - Charleston Harbor, SC

448. St. Michael's Church - Charleston, SC, 1865

114. Fort Sumter, SC, Viewed from a Sandbar in Charleston Harbor, 1865

449. Graveyard of the Ruined Circular Church - Charleston, SC, 1865

456. Roman Catholic Cathedral of St. John and St. Finbar Destroyed in the Fire of December 1861 (View 1) - Charleston, SC, 1865

451. Cathedral of St. John and St. Finbar (View2) - Charleston, SC, 1865

452. Meeting Street, Near Broad; St. Michael's Church in Middle Distance - Charleston, SC, 1865

455. View of Meeting Street, Looking South Toward the Circular Church, the Mills House, and St. Michael's Church - Charleston, SC, 1865

457. View from Roof of the Mills House, Looking up Meeting Street; Ruins of the Circular Church in Center - Charleston, SC, April 1865

461. View of Ruined Buildings Through Porch of the Circular Church (150 Meeting Street) - Charleston, SC, April 1865

463. Rear Admiral John A. Dahlgren (fifth from left) and Staff aboard the U.S.S. Pawnee - Charleston Harbor, SC

475. The Old Market House (188 Meeting Street) - Charleston, SC, 1865

477. O'Connor House - Charleston, SC, April 1865

516. Palmetto Reinforcements on the Channel Side of Fort Sumter - Charleston, SC, 1865

518. Site of the Night Attack at Fort Sumter on September 8, 1863 - Charleston, SC

520. View from the Roof of the Orphan Asylum, the Citadel in Middle Distance - Charleston, SC, 1865

521. Interior of Fort Sumter, with Gabion Reinforcements - Charleston, SC, 1865

522. Crowd Inside Fort Sumter Awaiting the Flag Raising - Charleston, SC, April 14, 1865

657. Archibald McLeish's Vulcan Iron Works and Other Houses on Cumberland Street - Charleston, SC, 1865

689. The Post Office (Old Exchange and Custom House, 122 East Bay) - Charleston, SC, 1865

56. Confederate Torpedo Boat David Aground - Charleston, SC, 1865

112. View of Ruins as seen from the Circular Church - Charleston, SC, 1865

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