South Carolina Official Records Citations

The Official Records of the American Civil War contains 128 volumes of primary source documents pertaining to the Civil War. It is the primary source for all Civil War Research. Additionally the Official Records Naval Subset contains another 30 volumes dealing with Naval Operations. The Volume level index below is excerpted from the OR index volume. It contains citations to South Carolina and South Carolina troops in the OR.

The Table of Contents show that approximately a dozen of the 128 volumes are dedicated to operations in South Carolina. Additionally a great portion of the Naval Subset is dedicated to operations off South Carolina and along the eastern coast. Pg.1 ~ Pg.2 ~ Pg.3 ~ Pg.4 ~ Pg.5 ~ Pg.6 ~ Pg.7 ~ Pg.8 ~ Pg.9 ~ Pg.10 ~ Pg.11 ~ Pg.12

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