The Civil War in Maryland

There were 11 Confederate and 33 Union units formed in Maryland. There are a handful of first hand accounts and regimental histories available other than our Historical Sketch and Roster volumes. Union service records were published in History and Roster of Maryland Volunteers - 2 Vol. Set by Wilmer, L. Allison, and Confederate records in The Maryland Line in the Confederate Army by William Worthington Goldsborough. These are both incorporated in our Maryland Soldiers Service Records CD-ROM.

1st Regiment, Maryland Infantry
1st Battery, Maryland Artillery - 333 men
1st Regiment, Maryland Cavalry
1st Battalion, Maryland Infantry - 4 men
2nd Battalion, Maryland Cavalry - 693 men
2nd Battalion, Maryland Infantry - 974 men
2nd Battery, Maryland Artillery - 344 men
3rd Battery, Maryland Artillery - 370 men
4th Battery, Maryland Artillery - 185 men
Maryland Line - 38 men
Maryland Quartermaster Department - 4 men
Walter's Company, Maryland (Zarvona Zouaves) - 68 men
Weston's Battalion, Maryland Infantry - 187 men


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